About us

It's about our planet. It's about animals. It's about time.

FRiLuk is specialised in sustainable and eco-fashion, manufacturing trendy and high-quality products for everyday life... with one big difference though: we like to be unique. We focus on natural and cruelty-free fabrics only.

The cork fabric was an obvious choice for us to make our wallets, handbags and purses.

FRiLuk Ltd is UK based, in 2016 we have decided to start our own brand on the back of several years during which we have been travelling all around the World from Los Angeles to Tokyo. During this amazing journey, we have acquired a valuable knowledge about what customers need, what their expectations are and how we can give them an incredible experience by manufacturing fashionable products which are 100% animal-free and made from sustainable resources such as cork and bamboo.

At FRiLuk we are all about travelling, enjoying life and be unique!

We proudly work with people from all around the World; we believe that the greatest things happen in a multi-cultural environment. We have chosen to run FRiLuk by working with passionate people, regardless of where they are located. Below are the countries represented in our business and we can't wait to see this list growing!

England England         China China      

USA USA                France France

Spain Spain              Serbia Serbia

Pakistan Pakistan        Venezuela Venezuela

Israel Israel              Portugal Portugal


FRiLuk is family owned. The founder of FRiLuk has travelled more than 190,000 miles in the past 10 years. Born in France, he and his family have worked and lived in different countries in Europe and the Middle East. If you want to know more about how the journey started, please read this article on our blog.

Our top priority is our customers. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please contact us and we will certainly find a solution for you.