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Why Designing Innovative Cork Wallets?

We are on a mission… promoting cruelty free fashion accessories and encourage an end to animal exploitation and suffering. Many organizations, brands or individuals work every day with the same passion and determination; the veganism movement is rising every year, which is great news.  This said we are mindful that it has never been easy to convince people to change their lifestyle… What we definitely do not tolerate is letting determination turning into conflicts: we must respect everybody’s choices.

Every day, the vegan community pushes its message out, trying its best to reach as many people as it can, but what if we could do it in a different way? The suffering of animals and the impact on the environment are well known and no one can really argue with those, still, as strong as those reasons can be, they are not always enough to convince people to make a change in their diet or lifestyle. Should we then give up? Not at all! However, what if we also go down the route of stopping convincing people?

The decision we have made is that instead of only trying to convince people to stop buying leather products, what if we would also be innovative in our designs so that people would actually buy non leather products not only because they are vegan wallets, but because they are actually offering great features they cannot find elsewhere.

Cork wallets are great for many reasons due to the property of cork as a material: stain resistant, waterproof, sturdy and lightweight to name a few; but we wanted to go further by creating innovative vegan wallets that would appeal to everybody, regardless of their believes and lifestyles.

Think about it: if someone buys a cork wallet simply because its features are innovative, it is a big win since we did not try to convince that person to make a change in her/his lifestyle but eventually it is one more leather product that we have prevented from being purchased!

With this idea in mind, we have designed a Vegan Travel Wallet Passport Holder, made of cork, of course :-) This cork wallet has been designed by frequent travelers, for frequent travelers. We believe that it is possibly the best cruelty free passport holder on the market; specially designed to quickly access passport, boarding pass, cash and cards in busy times at the airport; everything you need is now at your fingertips.

Business men or women are used to navigating through airport corridors and have no time to waste; often they need to shop quickly before boarding and as strange as it can be only 4 things are needed at the airport: a passport, a boarding pass, a frequent traveler card and a payment method (card or cash). If you know someone who is looking for a Travel Wallet offering maximum capacity in a minimalistic design, this vegan cork wallet is the answer.

Not only cork wallets are seen as cruelty free fashion products, but they can now be looked at as cool wallets offering people great features making their lives easier.

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