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Why Choosing a Vegan Belt Made of Cork?

If you have been paying attention to the popular eco-friendly trends in fashion, you may have noticed already that cork belts are at the top of the list. The reasons for this may be abundant. For both men and women, belts are becoming increasingly popular, many times influenced by the style of previous decades.

If you are looking for a vegan belt mens, you may be wondering too about the reasons for choosing it at the end. They look great and carry a powerful message with them. But is this enough to make a purchase?

Where the Cork Comes From?

Before talking about why choosing a belt made of cork, let’s briefly explain the origin of this eco-friendly material. Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree. While tree byproducts have a deep impact on the environment, cork doesn’t because the tree isn’t destroyed in the process.

The cork oak tree can be harvested dozens of times in a lifetime. In fact, it’s one of the strongest and healthiest trees out there. After harvesting the tree, removing its bark, the raw material gets boiled and possibly glued in sheets.

The Environmental Factor

Now, let’s begin with the reasons why you should choose cork belts over leather ones. The main factor is the environment. Leather manufacturing as we know it takes a huge toll on the environment as highly toxic chemicals are used in the process. Both the air and the soil are affected by all those chemicals that are present simultaneously in different stages when conditioning leather for clothing and accessories.

Instead, a vegan belt mens made of cork represents no harm to the environment, as this material get elaborated in a clean fashion.

The Cruelty-Free Factor

Did you know that millions of animals are slaughtered every year only for the sake of leather manufacturing? This doesn’t only happen with the genuine leather that we know but also with fur and wool, animal byproducts that involve cruel treatment and inhumane practices that we cannot simply tolerate.

The beauty in cork belts is that no animal gets hurt in the process. This material, as we already mentioned, comes from a tree and nothing more. No slaughter nor cruel practices.

The Fashion Factor

The vegan lifestyle, which includes accessories like cork belts, is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry. The conscious trend of taking care of the environment is a thing that the customer base appreciates and therefore, companies are listening and acting accordingly the demand.

For example, using a vegan belt mens adds up plenty of points to someone’s style. This eco-friendly accessory sends a strong message in all directions, one that reaches many people and establishes a defiant stance.

Being Part of a Consciousness Revolution

Societies in our world are becoming more conscious about the only place we have to live in and all the living beings in it. The informative widespread has done wonders for movements based on eco-friendliness and consciousness, now allowing people to make better decisions.

By choosing cork belts over leather ones, we are becoming part of something greater. This may seem irrelevant but a single action is what leads to major changes in our ecosystem.

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