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What would the impact be if we all go cruelty free

The manufacturing world has been ruthless with animals since its early days. There are countless animal byproducts being used today in all industries, something that is impossible to deny. What is worst is that most of these byproducts are only possible through cruel methods that cause pain, illness or directly the death of the animal.

Fortunately, there are always alternatives. For decades, social movements have been campaigning to defend the animals’ right, fighting hard to save them from these terrible fates at slaughterhouses and labs.

Both the fashion and cosmetic industries have been deeply affected by these humane ways of thought. Thanks to the conscious customer’s voice, companies from all around the world are being forced to leave cruelty aside. But where are we now in terms of progress?

The Movement

The cruelty-free movement that has been fighting fashion and cosmetic companies all around the world is being represented by different organizations; however, the goal is the exact same. From PETA to BUAV, public protests and boycotts to major players have been highly effective courses of action.

The person who chooses to buy a cruelty free wallet over the genuine leather one or purchasing cosmetics with the Leaping Bunny certification is an individual that becomes an integral part of the ethical movement, one that is stimulating the positive change.

The Impact We Can Cause

Many may wonder what would be the impact if everyone goes cruelty-free. While this is an interesting yet complex question, it isn’t too hard to visualize a realistic answer.

Nowadays, non leather wallets continue to have a small share of the market, to give an example. This isn’t because of the product’s quality, which is quite high these days, but due to leather manufacturers and their power. Genuine leather has been present for centuries, as a byproduct that is difficult to simply replace.

The same happens with fur, wool, or even snake and crocodile skins. Our society is habituated to them, to the genuine product. A big part of the worldwide population continues to ignore the reality behind these byproducts, also ignoring the cruelty-free alternatives. This happens with non leather wallets but does also occurs with millions of different products.

If one day, the customers stop purchasing products from unethical, unconscious companies, the whole cruelty-filled market would crash. With no demand, products like non leather wallets would dominate the segment, thanks to the fact that they are made of eco-friendly materials that do no harm to the environment or the animals living in it.

Animal Cruelty in Fashion

Lately, most of the attention is going to cosmetic companies that use animals to test chemical ingredients that are present in their products. The cruelty-free movement has been fighting these terrible acts of inhumanity for decades. Hopefully, one day we’ll live in a world without punishing and inhuman testing on animals.

However, our words are dedicated to something else today: the fashion industry. While this sector has experienced undeniable improvements in terms of consciousness and humane treatment lately, terrible situations continue to occur. For example, a cruelty free wallet continues to be the second option for most adult shoppers.

Making a long-lasting change is only possible if a major part of the consumers becomes conscious enough to prefer the eco-friendly option. A simple cruelty free wallet cannot only represent saving millions of animals from being slaughtered every year but also the door towards the conscious future that we want to live.

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