What Options are Available When Buying a Vegan Belt?

The vegan fashion industry isn’t lacking options. For both men and women, the available products are abundant, from colours to shapes. It wasn’t like this before but the lifestyle and the fashion component in it have greatly evolved in a short period of time.

But today we aren’t here to talk about vegan fashion from east to west, as a whole. Instead, we’ll focus on the vegan belt womens. This remarkable accessory is gaining more and more popularity, being offered terrific options for both men and women, regardless their particular style or way to dress.

In the following lines, we’ll mention some of the options when looking for non leather belts, from recommended styles to prominent materials being used.

But First, Why to Go Over Genuine Leather?

Even if you are reading this article about non leather belts, you may still be wondering about getting a belt made of genuine leather, the traditional choice. Perhaps you already know some of the perks in choosing the eco-friendly alternative but still, genuine leather continues to be more appealing.

Regardless if you are part of the vegan lifestyle or not, choosing the cruelty-free, ecologic option continues to be something relevant. The production of genuine leather has as direct consequences cruel treatment and slaughter of millions of animals, alongside with huge damage to the environment. Getting real leather ready for its use in fashion involves highly toxic chemicals that cause big damage to our world.

Now you have more and more details to back up your choice, here you have some alternatives.

Solid Cork Leather Belts

Cork BeltOne of the most popular options when it comes to a vegan belt womens is the solid cork leather. This is the standard option for any casual occasions. Most solid cork leather belts are appropriate to use with many outfits and it’s unlikely to misuse them, regardless if you are dressing for hanging around, work or special events. The big perk in choosing cork, of course, is its value as an eco-friendly material.

Reversible Models

Among young people, reversible belts continue to be a big thing. The more quality they have, the better they look for either side. This model offers great functionality and practicality, coming handy if you don’t have that many belts in your closet.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Products

Within the vegan fashion industry, we are seeing high-end products made of recycled plastic. While some may say that plastic is plastic and continues to be unethical to use, the reality is that the only way possible to prevent existent plastic to cause problems is by using it indefinitely. With non leather belts, you have a shot here.

Skinny Designs

Going minimalist may be considered as part of the vegan sentiment. That’s probably why women in this lifestyle love skinny designs for their non leather belts. While these models do not help a lot to maintain the jeans up where they should, they look chic and help to create accentuated curves.

Braided and Sash Crafting

Other models that are also highly popular as vegan belt womens are the braided and sash. Often, these are meticulously designed and crafted, many times using eco-friendly fibers and other materials for the patterns. These look great for both casual and formal outfits, especially with dresses.

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