What Are the Available Options When Buying a Vegan Purse for Women?

Getting a quality vegan wallet womens can be an overwhelming task. For the new women in the vegan lifestyle, it could be difficult to find the right product, the one that fits their needs and is truly compliant with the eco-friendly standards.

For example, one of the biggest challenges for those looking for valid options when buying vegan leather purses is leaving the irrelevant alternatives aside. There are too many unethical brands telling that their products are eco-friendly and conscious when they really don’t, tricking customers into purchasing them.

Fortunately, with a little bit of knowledge, it’s completely possible to discard this possibility and make the right decision. The next time you look for vegan wallet womens, you will be ready.

Leaving Leather, Fur, Wool, and Silk Behind

Before knowing what to look for, you need to understand what you need to leave behind in the very first moment of your search. Genuine leather, fur, wool, and silk are unconscious materials, animal byproducts that are acquired through very cruel practices. For this and many other reasons, we must leave them aside.

Leather and fur are responsible for the slaughter of millions of animals every year. Also, leather hide needs a highly toxic procedure with chemicals that take their toll on the environment.

With wool, millions of animals suffer from cruel practices in order to remove the material from their skins. The production of silk also involves cruel practices towards different larvae species. Because of this, the vegan community has categorized this material as a direct threat to the environment and a product of cruel treatments.

When you realize which materials must be left behind when looking for vegan wallet womens, everything gets easier.

Cork Leather

One of the main alternatives we have when buying a vegan purse for women is cork leather. High-quality cork that is being produced these days is considered as a highly valid option to replace genuine leather.

This material is quite similar to genuine leather, this in terms of appearance, feel, and durability. In the last few years, premium vegan leather purses are being made of this extraordinary material, which should remain at the top of the list.


With a few decades in the market already, the denominated ultra-suede is a highly interesting material for the vegan lifestyle. Invented in Japan, this is an eco-friendly alternative to suede leather and is widely present in vegan leather purses of all kinds.

While the ultra-suede is made of synthetic fabrics, the fibers come from recycled sources, granting positive perks in its application.

Recycled Polyester

No, polyester doesn’t sound too eco-friendly. However, we are seeing very interesting options in recycled polyester, which uses PET as the raw material in its production. The big benefit in choosing this material is that it prevents more plastic going to landfills.

This process also helps us with our dramatic dependence on petroleum. With this in mind, we can see its potential as a conscious material for vegan leather purses.

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