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What Are the Alternatives to Leather When Buying a Vegan Wallet

For conscious buyers, having a plethora of options at hand continues to be difficult. Even now, if you are looking for vegan wallets, you may find yourself scarce in alternatives to leather. Eco-friendly companies are making huge efforts to put the abundant information out there. However, is not always easy to educate everyone.

That’s why today we are dedicating these lines to the leather’s alternatives, especially when it comes to buying a vegan wallet. The goal is to empower you with the facts, useful ideas when shopping eco-friendly items.

Why Lose Interest in Genuine Leather?

But first, it is always a good idea to encourage our readers. People need to know about the terrible consequences of choosing genuine leather. Knowing this is the only thing that will allow them to make smarter decisions in the long term.

In order to produce genuine leather, the industry doesn’t only need to slaughter millions of animals every year but also use highly toxic chemicals that destroy the environment. The animals’ hide itself cannot be used for fashion purposes. It must be treated according to the industry standards and to achieve such a thing, tons of chemical products must be used in the process.

In the end, we are not only killing millions of animals, most of them living in cruel conditions, but also destroying nature by creating toxic waste. The only resource we have to attack this industry and reduce its power in today’s fashion industry is choosing vegan alternatives.

Choosing Cork Leather

We must begin with our favorite eco-friendly material: cork leather. This material is made of cork, which comes from the oak cork tree. You may think that this material isn’t eco-friendly as its production comes from ruthless harvest. However, this is not the case. Oak cork trees are healthy and sturdy trees that can be harvested many times in their lifetime. They live beyond the 100-year mark and produce cork’s raw material every 8 years approximately.

When the moment of treating the raw material comes, no chemical products are used. Instead, manufacturing companies only need to use boiling water to get the material ready for its final use.

Choosing Recycled Materials

Looking for vegan wallets made of rubber? Plastic byproducts aren’t eco-friendly materials at all. However, when you go with recycled items, realize that you are preventing the continuous contamination and destruction of the environment, often generated by waste fields and ocean pollution.

That’s right: the moment you choose to buy a vegan wallet made of recycled plastic, you are avoiding that plastic to contaminate the land and sea.

Choosing Hemp

Our last alternative to genuine leather is hemp. This eco-friendly material has been allowing to create conscious products as vegan wallets for decades. The best part is that hemp allows the creation of extraordinary designs.

Hemp also offers fantastic abrasion-resistant capabilities, which come handy for an item that we’ll carry with ourselves in our pockets. The perfect mix of natural awareness and creativity in a material to do wonders.

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