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Vintage Versus Luxury Fountain Pens: Can’t We Have Both?

There is nothing like a fountain pen. This piece of craftsmanship can give us years (or even decades) of pure pleasure. For those who love writing in style, using one is a real delight, something that is enjoyable like no other thing.

These luxury pens were more common decades ago, actually. Using them is not simple, so most people decided to choose the easier alternative: the ordinary ballpoint pen we all know. However, people who understand and love this delicate art continue to use luxury pens. Others in this same group have a different preference: vintage fountain pens.

But, what’s the difference?

The Magic of the Vintage Fountain Pens

When we talk about vintage fountain pens, we are not referring to all the pens out there. In fact, we are narrowing our selection a lot. These vintage creations resemble the design and feel of the days long gone. Makers take inspirations from the old days’ designs and form factors, replicating many of their nostalgic elements.

There is undeniable magic in the vintage fountain pens we can find out there. Even for those who are younger, this element can bring an enjoyable and inspiring spirit from yesteryear. Their performance? As good as it could be, nothing less than that.

The idea of creating vintage fountain pens is that the early designs are more faithful to the concept. Let’s remember that this kind of pen was one of the first ones and it is closely related to great thinkers, scientists and philosophists, artists and the royalty. Just one step ahead of the traditional inkwell, we can find the magical mechanism on fountain pens.

Elegance and Class with Luxury Pens

If you want to give a classy, extravagant impression during your next meeting, get a luxury pen. This item is pure lavishness and elegance. In fact, there is nothing close to having an expensive fountain pen. You’ll achieve the best impression possible in terms of stylishness if that’s your intention.

While these are not cheap, they provide a sense of elitism that no other item can give you. Made with premium materials, a luxury pen is not only extremely durable but flashy and opulent.

Having Both?

It’s not hard to find luxury pens with three- or four-figure price tags. In fact, it’s quite easy these days. Luxury pens have always been a trend among those who can afford them. But when we use this term, we feel like all luxury pens are far away from our reach. It’s not the case. There are luxury pens that are completely affordable; not cheap, but affordable.

Now, not all vintage fountain pens are extremely expensive. When we hear this term, we automatically think that it should be cheaper than a luxury pen and probably is. What we are not realizing is that a vintage item can also be luxurious.

Luxury pens based on vintage designs are now a thing. This trend wants the very best materials with a classy form factor and composition from the old days. When these elements get together, we get an extraordinary, jaw-dropping product to appreciate, even when we aren’t writing with it.

Without a doubt, one of the best items you can pay for.

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