Vegan Lifestyle: From Diet to Fashion

For many decades, talking about vegan life was all about clean and conscious eating, something that represented (and continues to represent) a big challenge for many. However, this concept has changed in a big way, touching many other areas of our lives.

With time, people with a vegan lifestyle get major influence on more and more aspects of their lives. They transform their habits and mindsets around veganism, a school of thought that seeks improved health and more ethical decision making. 

Through these decisions, big perks can be achieved. But how is it to become vegan? Is it positively influential to exclude animal byproducts from our diet and choosing a non leather wallet over the traditional choice? 

Eating Vegan is Eating Clean

As expected, the vegan life includes a lot of green food. When it comes to eating, everything will be around vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. Also, it's required in many cases that these foods come from organic-exclusive sources. This means, no industrial involvement in the process of producing the food and distributing it to the final user. 

As expected, choosing this way of eating brings massive perks to health as we are avoiding all the chemicals that are present in processed food, eating the natural at its best and making the most of the nutrients.

The vegan life is often difficult to embrace due to the challenge that implies eating clean in our society. In most countries, especially in the Western ones, our nutritional habits are deeply ingrained with processed food, from the one that we get at supermarkets to the insidious junk food that effectively kills people in the long term.

That's why those who successfully embrace a vegan lifestyle are quite admired and respected, mainly because of their commitment and discipline when it comes to reprogramming the way they eat and overcoming all the challenges involved. 

Vegan Fashion is a (Very) Serious Thing 

One of the biggest things going on in the vegan lifestyle is fashion. The transition to other areas of our lives includes the way we dress and how we make choices based on the companies' cultures. 

A well-informed vegan knows that leather and other animal byproducts used in fashion are simply and undeniably unethical. These materials are produced from animals that are mistreated and slaughtered in order to obtain their skin and fur.

In addition to this horrible fact, it is also true that such animal hide requires a complex treatment with chemicals and highly toxic elements. So, we are not only killing animals in one of the most terrible ways possible but also destroying the environment one day at the time.

Fortunately, great developments in eco-friendly materials have been achieved. Cork leather, for example, has now achieved a status of outstanding quality and durability, this without sacrificing its great appearance, something we can see with any non leather wallet available in the market.

Thanks to these valuable characteristics, effectively replacing authentic leather with a conscious material, one that makes no harm to animals nor the environment, is now possible. We can now leave the traditional non leather wallet behind...

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