Vegan Gift Ideas for Him

Finding the perfect vegan gifts is surprisingly hard, no matter the occasion. There may be some pitfalls on the road, some of them imposed by unconscious brands that sell themselves as vegans when they aren’t.

That’s why we are bringing you five different vegan gift ideas that are genuine and truthful to their core message, items that any vegan man will greatly appreciate. From birthdays and job promotions to Christmas and romantic anniversaries, these gifts will do an amazing job.

An Elegant Wooden Fountain Pen

We must begin with the elegant wooden fountain pen, a quintessential accessory for any man in the business lifestyle. However, you don’t need to be a highly successful entrepreneur or CEO to enjoy the delight and glamour of this accessory.

While there are countless types of fountain pens in the market, the ones made of wood are considered as fantastic vegan gifts for him. These are made of a conscious material in comparison with the many others that do massive harm to the environment during the manufacturing process. As a present for gentlemen, there is nothing like it.

An Attractive Cork Belt

mens vegan beltsCork leather is probably the most popular material for vegan clothing, providing outstanding durability, feel, and looks. Nowadays, thanks to its great quality, cork leather has become a perfectly viable alternative to genuine leather, being the latter a product of cruel practices and highly toxic chemicals.

Now, the cork belt is a fashion accessory that is trending worldwide. It completes any casual or formal outfit while delivering a strong message about consciousness about the environment and ethical practices.

An Original Cork Bracelets

Modern men have embraced bracelets as an indispensable accessory to complement their styles. Cork bracelets, which use cork leather and other small elements made of ethical materials, are both appealing and sensitive.

When it comes to great vegan gifts, cork bracelets do an amazing job when properly selected. You need to choose originality in design, alongside with the personal touch that each brand can provide to its products. Uniqueness is a game-changing factor in cork bracelets, being this accessory increasingly popular and common these days.

A Unique Vegan Wallet

Vegan wallets come from the same place as belts. By using high-quality cork leather, this type of wallets is quickly replacing genuine leather ones, which are wrong to use for many different reasons. These days, vegan wallets come in many forms, from youthful designs to more elegant models. Here, you have plenty to choose, depending on the person who will receive the gift. Whichever is the case here, no man is complete without a proper wallet.




An Appealing Pair of Dress Shoes

One of the best uses we can give to vegan leather is in shoes. In the case of vegan gifts for him, a pair of quality dress shoes is a fantastic idea. No formal outfit is completed without the proper shoes, which come in many forms, materials, and colours.

Eco-friendly fibres and cork leather are common materials being used in vegan shoes. These are perfectly durable and look great for a long time. As you will find, there are a few vegan gifts for him that are better than this one.

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