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Vegan Can Now Be Synonym of Sustainability (Thanks to Cork)

The vegan lifestyle has found plenty of resistance on the road. Capable companies in industries like leather, fur, wool, exotic wood and meat, and precious gems have always invested in the perennial fight against the more conscious alternative.

Products that make little to no harm to the environment or are being produced without killing or mistreating animals are the right option for most. However, the objections were always more noteworthy than the benefits, this due to big efforts coming from unethical agents.

One of the issues with vegan products in fashion, for example, was an apparent lack of sustainability. This was the usual argument. Nevertheless, this is now something from the past and we must thank cork.

This marvellous material is what we can found in many products as vegan purses and bags, wallets and shoes. Cork has a very special way of being produced, doing no harm to the environment while being fully sustainable in multiple ways. Let’s find out more about it.

The Way It Comes

We all know cork because it’s the base material for many widely popular products as cork plugs in wine bottles and office boards. Nonetheless, its application in fashion is relatively younger than these other applications. It has been around for decades now but in the shadows, basically for the reasons we already mentioned.

For example, early vegan wallets were made from a mix of materials where cork wasn’t included. With time, advancements in eco-friendly technology allowed the application of cork in accessories like vegan wallets and shoes.

But the big mystery for those outside the vegan lifestyle is how this material is being produced. Cork comes from the cork oak tree, which is also known as Quercus suber. This is a strong, evergreen type of oak tree that can live for 200 years while producing cork every 7 to 10 years.

Harvesting the cork by removing its bark does no harm to the oak tree, which continues to live its life healthy, growing and producing more of this fantastic material. After removing the material, it gets boiled in hot water without the use of toxic chemicals, which is the case of leather.

Because of the cork oak tree’s outstanding endurance and healthy life, massively producing this perfectly viable alternative to leather cause no harm to the environment. Also, the pace on which the tree can continue to produce cork makes it a sustainable material after all.

Vegan Purses and Bags Leading the Change

With every single advancement made in terms of ethical materials, others that aren’t that conscious and humane lose part of their market share. Thanks to vegan purses and bags, for example, leather is losing the fight. These accessories are being made of high-quality cork and have nothing to envy to the ones made of genuine leather, which are also exponentially more expensive.

For the traditional man, choosing vegan wallets over the leather alternative doesn’t sound too crazy now. Becoming part of the change, the positive change, makes it even more appealing to the average customer.

And everything thanks to cork.

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