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Vegan Accessories are Pricier than Leather Ones and Here’s Why

For shoppers who want to make a change, the price always represents the biggest barrier. This isn’t a plain excuse but a justified argument to continue buying leather accessories. It’s not easy to fight against this argument: vegan accessories are more expensive than leather counterparts indeed.

Conscious businesses that are dedicated to creating eco-friendly products fight with this reality every day but the balance is now on their side. The average shopper is now more aware than ever before about the impact of leather-made products on social and environmental levels.

There are good reasons why vegan accessories are pricier than leather ones and today we’ll expose them to you.

Quality Over Quantity

Leather products as wallets, purses, belts, and shoes are now being produced massively. This means a significant decrease in quality as they are the results of complex production lines that dedicate little time and resources to those important details.

Vegan products aren’t just that: they also are products manufactured with great attention and commitment to details, using top-notch products that are genuinely considered as eco-friendly. This means higher production costs that are impossible to avoid without affecting the product’s essence itself.

Quality also means durability. The philosophy behind conscious shopping involves products that last longer, that will not produce unnecessary waste by hitting the end of their useful life after a little while.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Manufacture of vegan accessories involves the hand labour of skilled professionals and artisans. There may be multiple hours of dedication to the shyest product. The difference between this and the industrialized processes used in leather-made products is massive and generates no doubts.

Vegan accessories that are the product of skilled craftsmanship are also unique pieces, something special and worthy of appreciation. These creations have their own personality and they cannot be compared with something that comes from a production line, a product that had no personal dedication during its elaboration.

Failing to Support Legal, Ethical Projects

Being a vegan shopper doesn’t only involve looking at products that made no damage to the environment during their manufacture but also those that take care of our world on a social level. Big manufacturing industries like the one of leather involve serious aggressions against human rights, legal misconduct cases, and unfair conditions for the workers.

These terrible things happen more often in third world countries, where large-scale multinationals place their operations to exponentially decrease costs. Here, vegan products do the opposite. Accessories are often pricier because no cost is avoided by violating someone’s rights. Instead, these products’ culture is to support sustainability, provide decent job conditions, and make social projects possible.

The Conscious Side Cannot Be Ignored

Making a real difference involves sacrifices. We cannot say that we want to make our world better if we're not willing to make concessions. Going beyond the mere price tag and choosing vegan accessories over leather ones, even if the former is more expensive is the right thing to do.

The higher price has a clear justification, one exposed here and at many other sites. Now the choice is in the hands of shoppers, who have almost unlimited access to goods on the Internet. The conscious side of this choice cannot be simply ignored. Positive changes have their cost but they continue to be cheaper than making it wrong for our planet.

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