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The Properties of Cork and Why It Makes a Great Alternative to Leather

Cork has been present in our society for a few centuries now. This material has allowed us many things, like preserving alcoholic beverages like wine. It’s also widely present in the automotive industry as gaskets, in construction, fishing, and sports.

However, its use in fashion is more recent. This material can now be found in cork wallets for men, purses for women, and many other accessories. Its leather presentation is continuously growing in popularity, something that vegan shoppers know well.

But what are the reasons behind this material? There are any outstanding properties you should know about? We’ll dedicate the following lines to the most relevant properties of cork as a material in the fashion industry.

Durability and Impermeability

In these days it’s hard to find a natural, eco-friendly material that lasts beyond the industry’s average. Some of the materials present in many vegan products are often fragile, receiving the critics from detractors.

However, the case for cork is different. We’re talking about a highly durable material, one that lasts plenty and leaves no one unsatisfied. Besides durability, products like cork wallets are also impermeable, keeping the personal ID and money always dry, even during difficult circumstances.

Lightweight Material

Despite its bold appearance, cork is very light. This is something you will notice as soon as you take it. Products made of this material enjoy exceptional lightness, which comes great in the fashion industry. We don’t want our accessories to be a burden; all the way around.

Harmless in Long-Term Contact

Unfortunately, modern fashion industry relies on materials that come from highly toxic manufacturing environments. This represents a serious health hazard. The result of this terrible situation often comes as allergies and skin conditions. That’s why we must be conscious regarding what we are carrying around.

The good news is that products made of cork are free of toxic residue. Truth be told, this material comes directly from cork oak trees and needs no chemical-based treatment in order to be used in final products. The manufacturing process involves boiling water and fine glueing layers.

Antistatic Capabilities

You will never see how your cork wallet attracts all the dust in the room. This phenomenon occurs often with other materials. The static generated by an object attracts particles like dust, making it dirty faster.

Cork’s properties make it antistatic, leaving this problem aside. This way, vegan accessories as cork wallets for men remain clean longer.

But What is Wrong with Genuine Leather?

As you may know already, genuine leather comes from animal’s hide and require a heavily-toxic process in order to produce it. During its manufacture, this product leaves a long trail of destruction, something we should not avail.

On the other hand, a product like cork is providing all of these benefits while thinking in the environment. Fortunately, this is something that more and more people agree on. Products like cork wallets are becoming the standard over the leather option.

Besides all these advantages, fashion accessories made of this material should be our priority. We are talking about an opportunity to take care of our planet, keeping accelerated degradation at bay. Something as simple as choosing cork wallets for men over the leather option can do a great difference for the planet.

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