The Market Share of Vegan Belts Sold in 2017 and How is it Trending

The vegan industry is growing fast in all of its forms. This is something quite impossible to ignore as we see how pre-existent, big brands are changing their strategy and others that are younger and vegan-focused are coming strong.

One of the main products, at least in fashion, is the vegan belts mens. The main option for customers was, until now, the well-known belt made with genuine leather. Now the eco-friendly alternative, made in many cases with cork leather, is starting to dominate this ground.

In the following lines, we’ll talk about the vegan market as a whole and what it looks like for both vegan belts mens and womens around the world.

The Situation in the West

Depending on where you are, you’ll find a different perception about veganism. In the UK, the number of vegans raised by 360 percent in only ten years, this according to a recent survey. This gives us a good idea of the trend among consumers.

In North America, the situation is no different. Both Canada and the US are experiencing big behavioural changes. 26 percent of Americans believe that vegan-based diets are way healthier in comparison with meat-based ones, having a 2 percent of the population seriously considering themselves as vegans. Nevertheless, vegan-labeled products have now a 4.7 percent of the market share, growing 23 percent in 2017 when compared with 2016’s numbers.

The trend is more relevant among millennials. For 27 percent of the millennial population, vegan products like food and beverages are extremely important. Something similar happens in Canada, where 25 percent of the surveyed are making serious efforts to eat less meat.

Developments in the East

Despite the titanic industrial endeavours in the East, vegan trends in Asia are surprisingly positive. The projected sales growth in China is rated at 17.2 percent. In fact, statistic experts believe that the Asia Pacific population is more likely to become vegan in comparison with the rest of the world.

The share of the vegan population in the Asia Pacific is estimated at 9 percent, almost five times the proportion in the US.

What Does This Mean for Vegan Belts Mens and Womens?

When we take a look at the market, we can understand that products like vegan belts womens have a promising future just around the corner. Let’s begin with the fact that this fashion item is quickly rising as an extraordinary and mandatory accessory for male and female outfits.

This exponentially increases the relevance of the belt. In its vegan presentation, it’s possibly more important. Customers now have the possibility to choose a conscious item instead of one entirely made of genuine leather.

In the case of the vegan belt womens, we find even more variety. Not only genuine leather is one of the most used products but plastic and synthetics that do great damage to the environment. Here, materials like cork leather can make a long-lasting difference.

All presentations of vegan belts, womens and mens, are rising along with the rest of the eco-friendly market. Our society is becoming more conscious and, as a direct result of this, we are seeing how these products are getting a bigger share every year.

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