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The Durability of Cork Wallets

When it comes to vegan products in the fashion industry, newcomers may feel full of doubts. So far, we can consider this as something normal: doubts come from the things we don’t know in depth.

Many vegan products like cork wallets are part of that “thing” that most people partially ignore. The eco-friendly materials continue to be poorly known by the masses, which places a curtain between what we think we know and the reality.

That’s why one of the most common questions regarding cork wallets and similar products made of eco-friendly materials is regarding their durability. “How long it will last?”, people ask in fear, thinking that these ethical products aren’t as durable as their counterparts.

Is Leather That Durable?

First and foremost, let’s mention for a moment a burning topic. People who doubt about the durability of a non leather wallet often believe that its counterpart, the one made of genuine leather, is exponentially more durable.

This is not the case at all.

Genuine leather and similar materials like fur and wool also suffer great damage over time, losing their appeal. Even the most expensive fashion items that use leather, sooner or later, will be useless. So, are we sacrificing the option of choosing an eco-friendly material when the unethical option isn’t indestructible?

Knowing Our Material

In order to answer if the cork wallets are durable or not, we must understand the case of the material used. Cork leather is a revolutionary material that has been around for a while, but the progressive advancements in technology have allowed vegan brands to produce high-end products.

Cork leather comes from the cork oak tree after a highly sustainable and eco-friendly process that doesn’t harm the tree. In order to get a final result, no chemicals or toxic materials are used, unlike the case of genuine leather.

At the end, we get an appealing, durable material that delivers an outstanding feel and range of manipulation.

Widespread of Cork Wallets

If you pay attention, you will see how the non leather wallet is taking over. Even customers that are accustomed to choosing the vegan way are now more interested, replacing their genuine leather products with the conscious alternative.

In the case of fashion, the non leather wallet is extraordinarily important. But why is that? One of the products that demand the biggest amounts of genuine leather during its production is the wallet. If both companies and customers achieve to drive more interest in the eco-friendly product, genuine leather will lose its share, ultimately reducing the number of animals slaughtered and toxic chemicals used in the process.

The Bottom Line: Is It Durable or Not?

If you are worried about the durability of your next non leather wallet, don’t be. The materials used today are top-notch and deliver the very best results when it comes to durability, look, and feel.

Of course, some brands are better than others when it comes to cork wallets, so pay attention before putting your money on a product. Most vegan brands are committed enough to manufacture and sell satisfying products like cork wallets made with high-end materials as cork leather from premium sources, so ask first and buy later.

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