The Durability of Belts Made of Cork

When the idea of getting a vegan belt crosses someone’s mind, one of the first questions may be regarding its durability. Not its look, not its feel, but its durability. Probably, the origin of this recurrent question is the misinformation about eco-friendly materials like cork fabric, widely used in fashion these days (at least in conscious fashion).

The good news is that cork, and in this case vegan belts made of cork fabric, are particularly durable, even more than their leather counterparts. The traditional material, which is an animal byproduct, doesn’t enjoy some of the key benefits that are present in the eco-friendly option.

But why exactly we feel confident of saying that belts made of cork are extraordinary durable?

Moisture Resistance

As any piece of clothing or fashion accessory, we need it to be as moisture-resistant as possible. We all humans sweat and our environment, depending on where we live, may have lower or higher moisture levels.

Moist can cause serious damage to some materials indeed, including leather itself. Here, cork excels, being a material that can withstand high levels of moisture.

Optimum Results Against Friction

Wear and friction in usage are big enemies of clothing. Our clothes wear down as a natural consequence of their use. Fibers broke down to the point of becoming useless and that’s when we throw products away.

The case with vegan belts is that it’s a product that suffers a lot of friction during its use. Fortunately, cork fabric, especially when we compare it with other materials, suffers a lot less from this day-to-day friction.

Scratch-Proof to Keep It Always Nice

Saying that a vegan belt is scratch-proof may sound related to the case of friction we mentioned before. This material can stand great punishment, the one that is present most of the time.

This is especially useful in the case of belts because they are always in contact with the metal buckles, keys we are trying to get in our pockets, the jeans’ own metal detailing, and many other elements that can easily cause a notable scratch.

Avoiding Stains

When cork gets produced, most manufacturers apply a hyper-thin protective layer, a transparent coat that keeps all elements away. That is why vegan belts made of cork do not get stains from liquid spills, moisture, or any other agent that may cause a pigmentation.

The worst-case scenario can be easily fixed by using a wet cloth, cleaning up the cork.

When They Age, They Age in Style

Yes, we just described many of the perks that make cork products, particularly vegan belts made of cork, so durable. They can withstand many tough conditions as high levels of moisture or even violent friction in the everyday. However, time goes on and all things wear down.

Fortunately, cork fabrics have demonstrated their appealing capacity to become better when they get older. Just like it happens with some top-quality leather products, a vegan belt made of cork can enjoy a fantastic look with time and use.

So, don’t worry about durability and start enjoying all the benefits in your next vegan belt.

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