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Vegan Gift Ideas for Him

Finding the perfect vegan gifts is surprisingly hard, no matter the occasion. There may be some pitfalls on the road, some of them imposed by unconscious brands that sell themselves as vegans when they aren’t. That’s why we are bringing you five different vegan gift ideas that are genuine and truthful to their core message, items that any vegan man will greatly appreciate. From birthdays and job promotions to Christmas and romantic anniversaries, these gifts will do an amazing job. An Elegant Wooden Fountain Pen We must begin with the elegant wooden fountain pen, a quintessential accessory for any man in the business lifestyle. However, you don’t need to be a highly successful entrepreneur or CEO to enjoy the delight...

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Christmas Vegan Gifts

The Christmas season brings so much happiness and laughs that it has always been my favourite time of the year. However, this year is very special for us. It is going to be our very first holiday season with FRiLuk. I am very proud of what we have achieved so far. Launching a new brand is far from being easy; this said, if you believe in what you are doing and you are fueled by passion, then everything is possible. The FRiLuk family is growing every day and you are part of it, that's why it is so important for us to value your feedback by making sure that we manufacture the products that you need and like. There were many choices...

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How Cork Wallets Are the Perfect Fit for the Minimalist Movement & Lifestyle

The minimalist movement is gaining more ground every day as people continue to show interest in decluttering their lives, aiming a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. Many have found that their lives have been filled with valueless things, material possessions that made nothing to improve their lives’ qualities; the other way around, these things complicated everything. Within this culture of simplifying everything and going minimalist, we have found that vegan products, like minimalist vegan wallets, are perfect substitutes for regular leather and synthetic products. In the following lines, we will talk a little bit more about why people are choosing a life of minimalism and simplification, and how minimalist vegan wallets have become one of the best options. A Philosophy to...

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Which Vegan Wallet is best for you?

This guide intends to help you choose your new vegan wallet, making sure that it suits you, taking into account your daily habits. All the models below are made of natural cork and are all RFID blocking wallets, so let's focus on their features to see which one will suit you best. The main criteria we are looking at are the following: If you are using cards only and rarely need to carry banknotes or coins. If you need to carry cards, few banknotes, your ID / Driving License, and occasionally few coins while the size of the wallet matters to you. If you need to carry cards, many bank notes, but coins are not too important. If you need it...

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