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The Origin of the Fleur de Lis and Why It Fits with Veganism

The fleur de lis is a symbol that we all know, at least superficially. While it’s true that most people ignore what it means or where it comes from, everyone has seen it in one occasion or another. In fact, we dare to say that the fleur de lis is one of the most ancient stylized symbols in the human civilization. In terms of inspiration and meaning, the symbol evokes a golden lily, a precious flower. If we dig in European history, we’ll see this symbol in very ancient temples and pieces of art. Fleur de lis jewelry was also a big thing, present in ornaments used by the royalty, prominent religious figures, and the military. But do we know...

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Vegan Lifestyle: From Diet to Fashion

For many decades, talking about vegan life was all about clean and conscious eating, something that represented (and continues to represent) a big challenge for many. However, this concept has changed in a big way, touching many other areas of our lives. With time, people with a vegan lifestyle get major influence on more and more aspects of their lives. They transform their habits and mindsets around veganism, a school of thought that seeks improved health and more ethical decision making.  Through these decisions, big perks can be achieved. But how is it to become vegan? Is it positively influential to exclude animal byproducts from our diet and choosing a non leather wallet over the traditional choice?  Eating Vegan is...

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