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Vegan and Cheap: Is It Possible in Fashion?

During the last decade, we have seen how many eco-friendly trends in fashion have arisen. Even big luxury brands have embraced the idea, investing considerable interest in making vegan clothing lines. Unfortunately, luxurious or not, vegan clothing isn’t cheap. In fashion, we are used to having a wide array of options, from the cheap brands that everybody knows and uses to the high-end brands that only the rich get to wear. The options are there and cheap clothing these days doesn’t translate immediately in terrible quality. Yet, vegan clothing and accessories seem to be outside of this equation. At first sight, they are pricier and those brands that argue to be "equally accessible" often are hiding something about their products....

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The Durability of Cork Wallets

When it comes to vegan products in the fashion industry, newcomers may feel full of doubts. So far, we can consider this as something normal: doubts come from the things we don’t know in depth. Many vegan products like cork wallets are part of that “thing” that most people partially ignore. The eco-friendly materials continue to be poorly known by the masses, which places a curtain between what we think we know and the reality. That’s why one of the most common questions regarding cork wallets and similar products made of eco-friendly materials is regarding their durability. “How long it will last?”, people ask in fear, thinking that these ethical products aren’t as durable as their counterparts. Is Leather That...

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Cork: Still Unknown by Vegan Wallet Customers

In the last few decades, the eco-friendly fashion industry has been evolving at an accelerated pace, everything in order to satisfy a more humane, conscious customer base. However, most inventions and developments remain in the shadows for those who don't follow the news closely. Great inventions like cork fabric to replace vegan leather continue to be a little-known fact for many. Without a doubt, this hurts the entire industry as customers shop blindly. In terms of eco-friendly fashion and accessories, the cork may be one of the top materials. Did you know it? What Is Cork and Its Use as Vegan Leather Cork is a material that comes from the cork oak tree, an abundant species in several regions of the...

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Some Vegan Leathers are Better than Others

For those who ignore the details, all types of vegan leather represent a big improvement in the restless fight to save the environment. But, why people are inclined to think that? When we hear “vegan wallet”, it’s easy to think that we are talking about an eco-friendly product. Truth be told, the truth is quite disturbing. The term “vegan leather” includes multiple types of leathers which are very different from each other. This means that some vegan leathers are significantly better than others available in the market, especially when used in the fashion industry. What Is Vegan Leather? Vegan leather is a term that comprises multiple materials that represent the alternative to traditional leather, the one made of animal hide....

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Sustainable Fashion: Cork Fabric vs Leather

Our fashion needs are effectively destroying the environment. For many decades, the way we dress has been causing an important damage to the planet. While most industries extract what they need from nature without caring about the consequences, there are conscious manufacturers and consumers that are looking for a change. In the case of fashion, there has been good progress. While leather remains as one of the most precious and expensive materials used to confection accessories like bags and wallets, we are now experiencing a positive mindset shift. The average citizen understands that little actions can lead us to a better future for our fragile environment. Cork fabric is becoming the ideal alternative to leather (a material that looks amazing but...

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