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Vegan and Cheap: Is It Possible in Fashion?

During the last decade, we have seen how many eco-friendly trends in fashion have arisen. Even big luxury brands have embraced the idea, investing considerable interest in making vegan clothing lines. Unfortunately, luxurious or not, vegan clothing isn’t cheap. In fashion, we are used to having a wide array of options, from the cheap brands that everybody knows and uses to the high-end brands that only the rich get to wear. The options are there and cheap clothing these days doesn’t translate immediately in terrible quality. Yet, vegan clothing and accessories seem to be outside of this equation. At first sight, they are pricier and those brands that argue to be "equally accessible" often are hiding something about their products....

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How Vegan Fashion is Changing the World

Vegan fashion has been present for decades. Unfortunately, it remained as a very small part of the industry, getting attention from a little share of the market, one was aware enough to make a decision over animal byproducts. However, things have changed now and they did for good. Vegan fashion is becoming a new standard in the industry as demand continues to rise up. Global population, thanks to the wonders of the internet, is sharing the consciousness that defines vegan products. There is a long and difficult road ahead, but the expectations are high and promising. Vegan fashion is already changing the world, beginning with the way we dress. Quality Products that Put Leather and Fur Aside Knowing that leather...

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