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What Does Fleur de Lis Mean?

The fleur de lis symbol is not something new, not at all. It has been around for many centuries, even before symbols that we consider fundamental for the humanity, like those that today represent religion in its many forms. However, the fleur de lis has particular implications that are hard to ignore. This symbol goes beyond religion or society values and everything for one single reason: the mystery around it. Many people have been questioning the meaning of this symbol and some historians by profession have proposed credible theses about it. However, doubts continue to be significantly abundant. Ideas About Its Origin It seems like everyone agrees on that the very origin of the fleur de lis is medieval France,...

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The Origin of the Fleur de Lis and Why It Fits with Veganism

The fleur de lis is a symbol that we all know, at least superficially. While it’s true that most people ignore what it means or where it comes from, everyone has seen it in one occasion or another. In fact, we dare to say that the fleur de lis is one of the most ancient stylized symbols in the human civilization. In terms of inspiration and meaning, the symbol evokes a golden lily, a precious flower. If we dig in European history, we’ll see this symbol in very ancient temples and pieces of art. Fleur de lis jewelry was also a big thing, present in ornaments used by the royalty, prominent religious figures, and the military. But do we know...

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Ideas for Vegan Gifts for Her

If you are in need of vegan gifts for her, you are probably worried about finding the right thing. Most people believe that finding the perfect eco-friendly present is difficult but the reality is that there are abundant options to choose from. There isn’t only an abundance of vegan products but also many resources that help customers to get properly informed and make the right decision. If this is your case and you want to make a smart purchase, the following lines will be highly useful for this goal. This time, we’ll dedicate some time to recommend you a few solid ideas for vegan gifts for her, regardless the occasion. Purses and Wallets to Show Off When it comes to...

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Girls and Moms Are All About Charm Bracelets

Without a doubt, charm bracelets are quite special. There have been around for a while now, embellishing wrists all around the world. These accessories are appealing, gorgeous, and, of course, charming. We can see them more and more often, being extraordinary pieces of jewellery that most women desire. The rich offer of materials makes them a great option for everyone, made of mining byproducts and other more conscious alternatives. Today, we want to focus on the conscious option, accessories that care for the world we live in. However, the charm bracelets aren’t the only ones that care the most but those who wear them. There is a fever among both girls and moms, a trend that is being shared beyond...

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What Makes Cork Bracelets So Unique

In the last few years, we have seen how bracelets, both in the cases of men and women, have become a mandatory accessory that enhances almost every single look. Some bracelets are simply more good looking and stylish than others. But for a lot of people lately, this is not enough; they need unique bracelets that truly make a difference and catch everyone’s attention. But where to find such unique bracelets? Is this possible at a time when these accessories seem to be everywhere? The answer is going conscious, is taking better decisions for ourselves and the world. Now let’s explain this. Replacing the Standard Leather bracelets are well known because of their great looks and durability. These have been...

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