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Cork Belts Are Rising in the Space of Non Leather Belts

Non leather belts are trending like never before. Truth be told, this is no surprise: our society is experiencing an epic mindset shift that is leading it to be more conscious and aware, more committed to building a better world. The term “non-leather” implies an eco-friendly nature that is impossible to ignore. For those looking for these products, the options are already abundant. The society as a whole has changed and with it, our demands as customers. We decided to consume products with a higher quality, with a more competitive price, and with a "greener" manufacture. However, you could be thinking about the different options in the non-leather belt category. There are many of them but some are better than...

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Vegan Belts are One of the Preferred Accessories of Vegan Men

Modern men are using more and more accessories. Several items are becoming integral parts of their identities and the way they dress. For those who are more dedicated to fashion and grooming, accessories represent a perfect opportunity to enhance their outfits. Among the available accessories, vegan belts are one of the most interesting and attractive to men. In fact, we can say that these became the preferred male accessories amongst all. Belts are coming strong, bringing us memories from the old days, when these were straightforward mandatory. Today, men are wearing vegan belts with more commitment. The reasons for preferring them are abundant. Belts are Back A few decades ago, belts were mandatory accessories for both men and women. However,...

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The Durability of Belts Made of Cork

When the idea of getting a vegan belt crosses someone’s mind, one of the first questions may be regarding its durability. Not its look, not its feel, but its durability. Probably, the origin of this recurrent question is the misinformation about eco-friendly materials like cork fabric, widely used in fashion these days (at least in conscious fashion). The good news is that cork, and in this case vegan belts made of cork fabric, are particularly durable, even more than their leather counterparts. The traditional material, which is an animal byproduct, doesn’t enjoy some of the key benefits that are present in the eco-friendly option. But why exactly we feel confident of saying that belts made of cork are extraordinary durable?...

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Why Choosing a Vegan Belt Made of Cork?

If you have been paying attention to the popular eco-friendly trends in fashion, you may have noticed already that cork belts are at the top of the list. The reasons for this may be abundant. For both men and women, belts are becoming increasingly popular, many times influenced by the style of previous decades. If you are looking for a vegan belt mens, you may be wondering too about the reasons for choosing it at the end. They look great and carry a powerful message with them. But is this enough to make a purchase? Where the Cork Comes From? Before talking about why choosing a belt made of cork, let’s briefly explain the origin of this eco-friendly material. Cork...

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Belts Are Back To Fashion

Nowadays, many people still don't see belts as a must-have for their style and looks. Truth be told, a few years ago this accessory was far more popular and note-worthy than today. However, just like it happens with most clothing and accessory trends, it turns out that belts are back to fashion. In the last few years, we have seen how runways all around the world have used belts, even vegan belts, with the aims of establishing new fashion trends, something that most fashionistas have accepted. What is happening to belts in these days of fashion revolution? How is a trend from the past returning now? Which is the role of the vegan belt now? An Old Fashion Trend that...

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