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Paying More for Quality Is the Smartest Financial Choice

Admit it: at least once you have had chosen a product over another because of its price and later regret that decision. The old adage is as real as it gets: buy cheap, buy twice. Beyond buying responsible, which is our main topic as a vegan brand, you must also buy smart and conscious about the financial consequences. Unfortunately, choosing the cheapest options is neither. In today's world, paying more for quality is taking the smartest choice. Highly industrialized processed often reduce the real quality in many products, being their price tag a clear evidence of this. We are not saying that cheap products are bad products at all but there is an undisputed link. Price is something that vegan...

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Vegan Accessories are Pricier than Leather Ones and Here’s Why

For shoppers who want to make a change, the price always represents the biggest barrier. This isn’t a plain excuse but a justified argument to continue buying leather accessories. It’s not easy to fight against this argument: vegan accessories are more expensive than leather counterparts indeed. Conscious businesses that are dedicated to creating eco-friendly products fight with this reality every day but the balance is now on their side. The average shopper is now more aware than ever before about the impact of leather-made products on social and environmental levels. There are good reasons why vegan accessories are pricier than leather ones and today we’ll expose them to you. Quality Over Quantity Leather products as wallets, purses, belts, and shoes...

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Bamboo Is Saving the Planet: Things You Must Know

Bamboo is one of the most interesting elements we can find in nature. It’s hard to tell where all the popular interest is coming from lately, because bamboo is a plant that has been always present, also being a vital raw material for many things that we have been enjoying for centuries. However, bamboo is now experiencing a big shift in terms of uses and applications. Many industries are now considering this natural material more seriously, understanding that, for many different reasons, it can be a sustainable way to steady manufacture without sacrificing quality or practicability Can bamboo, a plant that has been around for thousands of years, save our planet from global warming and other climate-related threats? Something like...

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Cork Going Endangered? A Toxic Myth You Cannot Believe

In the last few decades, the society has become more aware of the great deal of damage that many industries have done to the environment. As a direct result of this, we now live in an unpredictable world, at least in a climate sense. More and more people are identifying some manufactured products with the contaminations of lakes and sea, the ruthless slaughter of many species, and the destruction of entire forests. However, we cannot leave fact-less myths to affect us. One of the most counterproductive myths in this sense is that cork is going endangered and that its production creates a highly negative impact on the environment. Let’s understand the details. The Myth While most industries take their tolls...

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How Cork Wallets Are the Perfect Fit for the Minimalist Movement & Lifestyle

The minimalist movement is gaining more ground every day as people continue to show interest in decluttering their lives, aiming a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. Many have found that their lives have been filled with valueless things, material possessions that made nothing to improve their lives’ qualities; the other way around, these things complicated everything. Within this culture of simplifying everything and going minimalist, we have found that vegan products, like minimalist vegan wallets, are perfect substitutes for regular leather and synthetic products. In the following lines, we will talk a little bit more about why people are choosing a life of minimalism and simplification, and how minimalist vegan wallets have become one of the best options. A Philosophy to...

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