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Switch Your Faux Leather Bracelet For One Made Of Cork

Bracelets aren't going anywhere. This is a lovely, highly attractive fashion trend, a piece that can complement any outfit, from casual to formal, for the old school to cutting-edge. Both men and women use bracelets in a stylish fashion these days and that's one of the reasons we strongly believe that there aren't going to be forgotten anytime soon.

One of the most common models we see is the faux leather bracelets. Due to their appearance, they actually look like leather but cost only a fraction, being accessible to most people with fashion endeavors.

However, there is a better alternative than leather and faux leather: cork. Modern vegan bracelets are made of this eco-friendly material that isn't expensive and provides outstanding durability and quality.

Bracelets are Not Going Anywhere

The first thing we must talk about is how bracelets are here to stay. Either faux leather bracelets or vegan bracelets, these accessories are evolving and becoming more and more compatible with our ways of dressing and living.

In fact, beyond being a mere accessory, bracelets are becoming increasingly important for many looks and outfits, representing an essential that cannot be absent. This basically means that we'll have bracelets for a while.

Is Faux Leather Bad for the Environment?

For decades, faux leather has been selling itself like a conscious, eco-friendly material that makes no harm to the environment. As most people know already, the process that gives us authentic leather is characterized by animal cruelty and highly toxic chemicals.

So, people immediately considered that faux leather was a more ethical choice to consider. However, the reality is somehow different. Even faux leather is taking its toll on the environment.

Most types of faux leather come from plastic and petroleum. There is even a heavy usage of PVC. What does this mean? That this material causes an important harm to the environment during its fabrication and subsequent disposal, being non-degradable items.

Choosing Cork for Your Vegan Bracelets

Now, what about vegan bracelets? What are our options here? Truth be told, our very best option is cork, a completely natural, fully eco-friendly material that cares about the environment.

Cork is harvested from cork oak trees, which aren't destroyed in the process. In fact, the cork oak tree can be harvested more than ten times. The process is quite friendly and does not cause any damage to the tree, which continues its life as usual.

The tree bark that is used to obtain cork gets into big tanks with boiling water, which is the only process that the material needs to meet optimum conditions. This means that no chemicals are used in the process, being fully clean and eco-friendly.

The Bottom Line

If you want to complement your outfit and make it vibrant and unique, vegan bracelets can do the job. You will look fantastic while taking care of the environment, doing a highly positive thing for the only world we have to live in.

Unfortunately, faux leather bracelets continue to be unsuitable for the environment and represent an option that we must avoid at all costs.

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