Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2017 Onward

The past few years have offered outstanding achievements for the sustainable fashion industry, one that has faced remarkable challenges in order to survive against big brands’ coercion. But many of those challenges have been left behind and we can now see a brighter future.

2017 is expected to be a great year for sustainable fashion. In this revolution, both multinationals and small companies are now working together hand to hand to deliver an appropriate response to the popular demand.

The voices we hear are demanding for eco-friendlier alternatives to modern fashion’s standards and the industry is responding accordingly. What can we expect moving forward?

Social Pressure to Improve Landfills Situations

In 2017, social pressure on fashion companies to improve landfills situations is expected to grow exponentially. There are fragile ecosystems being threatened by uncontrolled waste disposal procedures, many of them related to textile manufacture. There seems to be a special interest in taking care of this dangerous problem.

Sustainable Fashion for Footwear

We are about to see a lot more than vegan wallets and bags. There is an increasing interest in manufacturing footwear through sustainable methods. Here, there is a lot more than eco materials. What companies are trying to accomplish in this matter is creating long-lasting, biodegradable products that feature a dramatically lower impact on the environment.

Artisans Empowered

This year is also going to be really important for dedicated artisans, those who devote their lives to transcendent projects. Artisan-focused companies with an eco fashion approach are gaining ground over big brands. This may be happening due to social awareness around environmental challenges and controversy related to major companies.

Big Brands Embracing Eco Fashion

One of the most relevant trends happening this year is how big brands are finally embracing eco fashion. This doesn’t only mean that they are using eco-friendly materials but that they are discarding high-impact manufacturing methods and materials. Here, social pressure may be a key factor as well.

New Eco-Friendly Materials in the Works

Sustainable fashion detractors often argue their stances by stating that there aren’t enough eco-friendly materials to replace high-impact ones. Truth be told, having more alternatives would be great to boost the progress towards the objectives we want to achieve. In 2017, we will probably see new materials with sustainable purposes.

Recycling’s Increasing Relevance

Recycling is one of our most important bets on healing the environment. While this process’ impact has been discrete so far in the fashion industry, it’s expected to grow during 2017. More and more textile companies, including major ones, are now considering recycled materials are a vital resource for fashion manufacturing.

Major Legal Changes to Benefit Sustainable Fashion

As incredible as it sounds, current legal and trade frameworks are representing big barriers for sustainable fashion. In some regions, importing a cork wallet may be more expensive than importing a leather one. Clearly, this is a worrying issue that demands our attention. In order to promote and stimulate environment-friendly practices in the fashion industry, legal and trade benefits should be created, replacing the actual barriers.

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