Some Vegan Leathers are Better than Others

For those who ignore the details, all types of vegan leather represent a big improvement in the restless fight to save the environment. But, why people are inclined to think that? When we hear “vegan wallet”, it’s easy to think that we are talking about an eco-friendly product.

Truth be told, the truth is quite disturbing. The term “vegan leather” includes multiple types of leathers which are very different from each other. This means that some vegan leathers are significantly better than others available in the market, especially when used in the fashion industry.

What Is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leather is a term that comprises multiple materials that represent the alternative to traditional leather, the one made of animal hide. In the case of vegan leathers, hide-free processes are used to produce a material that is similar in feel and appearance to original leather.

Despite what most people think, the many varieties of vegan leathers aren’t something new. All the way around, PVC-based leather, for example, has been available in the market for a few decades now.

Now, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polyurethane, and polymer composite microfiber are a few of the many chemical raw materials used in the production of vegan leather. These materials, which derivate from petroleum, inflict a massive impact on the environment, causing basically the same damage as the chemicals used during the production of traditional, animal-based leather.

While no animals are getting hurt, most types of vegan leather continue to be a terrible hazard to both the environment and health. The chemicals used during the manufacturing process of these faux leathers, like dimethylformamide, have been linked to cancer and birth defects.

However, within the vegan leather category, there still are a few promising alternatives which are truly eco-friendly. One of them is cork fabric.

Why is Cork Fabric Better?

Getting a cork wallet is getting more and more popular for a good reason. As we mentioned already, vegan leathers continue to represent a relevant problem in terms of contamination. Nevertheless, cork fabric is one of those materials that genuinely sticks with a chemical-free manufacture process.

This means that producing cork fabric represents no threat to the environment. Cork fabric comes from the cork oak tree, which isn’t even killed during the process. Workers safely remove the tree’s cortex and process it with boiling water and other techniques that do not involve the use of dangerous chemicals.

The result is simply astounding. A vegan wallet made of cork fabric looks and feels great, enjoys outstanding durability, and it’s protected against dust and dirt thanks to a transparent film applied during the manufacturing process.

The Bottom Line

If you want a vegan wallet, always stick with the cork wallet alternative. The word “vegan” doesn’t translate into “eco-friendly” every single time, especially when it comes to leather.

Chemical-based vegan leathers are terrible for the environment and their production is linked to dramatic health issues as cancer. This means that both manufacturers and consumers need to filter the good options from the bad ones.

A cork wallet will always be a better choice regarding all the vegan options available in the market right now, keeping the environment safe from highly hazardous chemicals. Changing how this industry works is, as always, in the hands of the final consumers.

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