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Is Cork Leather Durable?

With new options in the market, fresh doubts appear in the horizon. That’s exactly what happened with eco-friendly materials in the last few decades.

The apparition of wonderful crafting materials as cork leather has created some of these questions. While it’s true that cork has been present in our lives for many decades, cork leather is fairly new and its penetration in the market continues to be somehow shy.

Cork leather, which presents itself as a viable alternative to leather, grows in terms of use these days. At the same pace, the public starts making questions regarding its quality, looks, and durability.

Today we are going to talk about the latter.

People who aren’t familiar or don’t own products made of cork leather may worry about their durability before investing their money. It’s natural to think about how much time a wallet or a purse may last if used often; we want our products to be as durable as possible and remain in good shape after months and years.

So, let’s answer your question.

Premium Cork Leather: Not What You Think

First, it’s paramount to place different concepts apart: Let’s stop comparing cork leather with other cork-based products that we may see frequently, as the pinboards we see at offices and wine stoppers.

The production process is different and, therefore, the results and specs wildly vary as well.

Premium cork leather that is directly produced for products in the fashion industry (vegan handbags, purses, shoes, wallets, and so on) enjoys a significantly greater quality in comparison with other cork byproducts. This translates into a softer, lighter, more appealing, and more durable final product.

A Long-Lasting Material, Made in Nature

Truth be told, cork can be really sturdy. We can notice this in most of its conditions, from the raw material extracted from the tree to the final product as wine stoppers, gaskets used in engines and heavy machinery, flooring, and fishing rods.

With this in mind, imagine how robust and built-to-last can be a byproduct like cork leather.

Besides its natural durability, another big reason why cork leather achieves a superb useful life is its waterproof capacity. This meaning that water cannot really affect the material’s condition. This also works very well to protect your belongings when using vegan handbags, purses, or backpacks.

A Bit of Water and Soap

The cleaning and maintenance aspects are also crucial in terms of durability.

Just imagine that you have a pair of cork leather shoes and they get dirty, which could be quite usual. Water and gentle soap will be more than enough to solve the problem.

The best part is that neither the water nor the soap would be capable of negatively affecting the material’s good condition. Cork leather can be cleaned without even worrying about causing any damage.

This is especially important to mention when talking about this material as the most convenient alternative to leather. While genuine leather can be cleaned up as well, it requires specialized products in order to have a satisfying result.

Yes, It Continues to Be the Perfect Alternative to Leather

Cork leather continues to grow in popularity. Its use in fashion, being the main material in products as vegan handbags, shoes, wallets, hats, belts, and many others, has provided cork a massive reach among the masses.

Not even the durability aspect of genuine leather can match cork leather these days. Here, we have a product that isn’t only eco-friendly, fashionable, and comfortable to touch and wear but also one that is exceptionally durable.

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