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How to clean your Cork Wallet

Whether you’ve just purchased a cork wallet or you are still thinking about it, when it comes to keeping your vegan wallet clean and good looking it might be seen as a challenge, especially if you have never used cork fabric before.

Don’t worry; we are here to reassure you. In fact, due to the properties of the cork fabric, it is a lot easier than you think to clean your cork wallet. The procedure below can also be applied to larger items such as cork handbags, what matters is to do each step in the right order.

Before jumping in, keep in mind that cork is sturdy and water resistant, so the risk of damaging your cork wallet is nearly inexistent. Also, cork is known to be stain resistant so unless something really bad has happened, the purpose here is to remove the dark layer coming from pollution or the dust.

Note that if you own a cork wallet in dark colour such as brown, this procedure is not really relevant as the results are much more noticeable on light colours such as the natural colour of the cork.

All you need is 2 soft and clean cotton clothes and warm water. You may use few drops of a very mild soap too if your cork wallet or purse looks pretty dirty. However, use few drops only as you do not want the water to become bubbly :-)

The step by step cleaning procedure of your cork wallet

  1. Fill a recipient with warm water (30 degrees Celsius being ideal = 86 Fahrenheit)
  2. Optional: Add few drops of mild soap and steer well, make sure the water is not bubbly.
  3. Dip the cotton cloth into the warm water.
  4. Wring the cotton cloth as there is no need to have any excess of water. You simply need to get the cotton cloth warm and wet.
  5. Rub the surface of your cork wallet or handbag, the best is to rub in circles from the centre towards the edges and repeat from the edges to the centre. Be as gentle as you can but don’t be afraid :-)
  6. If necessary dip the cloth back to the warm water and rub again, insist on the areas that are dirtier.
  7. Once you are done, use the second soft and clean cotton cloth to wipe your cork wallet all around.
  8. Leave your wallet or handbags air drying, that’s it!

Note that cleaning your wallet or handbag every 6 months will ensure the longest durability of your item.

Final tips

When you are on the go, in a rush, or simply do not have soft clothes on hand, you can use baby wipes instead, however, we advise to rinse and wring them under warm water before rubbing your cork wallet with it.

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