How Cork Wallets Are the Perfect Fit for the Minimalist Movement & Lifestyle

The minimalist movement is gaining more ground every day as people continue to show interest in decluttering their lives, aiming a simpler, less stressful lifestyle. Many have found that their lives have been filled with valueless things, material possessions that made nothing to improve their lives’ qualities; the other way around, these things complicated everything.

Within this culture of simplifying everything and going minimalist, we have found that vegan products, like minimalist vegan wallets, are perfect substitutes for regular leather and synthetic products.

In the following lines, we will talk a little bit more about why people are choosing a life of minimalism and simplification, and how minimalist vegan wallets have become one of the best options.

A Philosophy to Improve Your Everyday

Choosing a minimalist living doesn’t mean that you are quitting things like buying nice things and enjoying quality products that improve your life’s quality somehow. Instead, this movement aims to declutter lives by simplifying routines and throwing away those things that represent material excess.

In a way, choosing this lifestyle is to become frugal and be conscious of your own material needs. Why we have several cars? Why we spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in a high-end bag? Why we buy things we don’t need every month as an absurd ritual or habit?

Being minimalist is also being highly conscious about the environment. The ones who are part of this movement seem to be more aware than others of what consumerism is doing to our planet. For this reason, when a minimalist person is looking for a product, the eco-friendly alternative will always be a better fit.

Minimalist Vegan Wallets to Get Started

At FRiLuk, we have seen how the minimalist movement evolved over time as most of our customers are choosing this kind of conscious living. While most people aren’t aware of what they consume on the daily basis, instinctively buying things they don’t need and swiftly cluttering the small places they live at, others are taking mindful decisions like getting slim cork wallets.

We thrived to design and produce eco-friendly, vegan products that respond to the minimalist culture’s needs and wishes. The reason for this is that these wallets, made of revolutionary materials that do not harm the environment, remain completely functional and fashionable. Our clients, especially those living a simpler life, prefer slim cork wallets over highly expensive leather products that have no consideration for our planet’s well-being.

Less Is More

It’s worrying how everything is being consumed these days. There is even a dangerous information surplus coming from the internet that is making us unable to digest our own thoughts and develop original opinions and perspectives.

A minimalist lifestyle is all about leaving clutter behind and putting our money only in the right things, products that are exclusively focused on improving our lives or the lives of others.

Even if you see slim cork wallets as another product in the market, being part of the consumerism that is poisoning people’s lives, the truth is that we cannot simply live lives of no material possessions.

We’ll always need something as we live in a modern society. However, in these situations, the minimalist movement choose to get the greener alternative, the one that is conscious to the planet we live in, being this way fully compatible with the philosophy.

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