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FRiLuk, a new brand is born

It is Thursday, the 4th of May 2017, 11:39 AM. I am here sitting at home, writing my very first blog post. 

What is it all about? "Why on earth have you decided to quit your corporate job and go sell products made of cork Laurent?", I've been asked this question dozens of time in the past half year... The picture above has been taken during my last business trip as an Executive Manager,  that was the end of my 190,000 miles business trips journey around the World!

Well, it is quite simple actually. I dedicated 15 years of my life working in the High Tech industry; of course, I have learned a lot... and I am talking about people here!

Thanks to my previous job, our family has had the amazing opportunity to live and work in different countries: France for 2 years, Israel for 5 years and now England for the past couple of years. Travelling is such an opportunity to be exposed to different cultures, people and interests, it makes me feel alive, truly.

Yet, whatever country I was visiting, there was too often something that was shocking me: how much people can waste... wasting water in hotels, wasting food in their all-inclusive business trips, wasting space in building car parks so big that you could park trucks, wasting our natural resources and the list goes on.

That's the little seed that was growing in my mind... I started to think about what we could do to contribute to a better lifestyle; how, at our level, we could help people wasting less and becoming conscious consumers.

I am French (yes, there will be grammatical and spelling mistakes, sorry!) and as any typical French, I am a wine lover, this is one of my passion (I did not say sin :-)). Anyway, one evening I was uncorking a bottle of red, mind you that I had probably uncorked several hundred of bottles in my life so far but that particular evening, it hit me!

I looked at my wife and told her: "Cork is one of the most sustainable resources on planet earth! Why don't we use the cork fabric in the fashion industry!?" and that's how FRiLuk is born...

We researched the net and discovered this amazing sector of manufacturing cork wallets, handbags, even shoes and umbrellas! We loved it as it was a perfect fit to our vision of promoting a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Not only cork is a natural and sustainable resource, but making vegan wallets contributes to the rising cruelty free fashion. It is about time that people understand the consequences of producing leather, how it harms the environment and the animals of course.

There is now a long way to go, however we believe in eco fashion and in our products. FRiLuk can help changing consumer's behaviour and that's what it is all about!

If like us you care about the environment, want to promote a more ethical fashion, then remember that you have always the choice... the choice of being a conscious consumer.

~ Laurent Bleu, founder of FRiLuk 


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