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Fashion with a Conscience: How Will You Choose Your Next Vegan Purse?

The fashion world is changing faster than we could possibly expect. Our society is becoming more and more conscious and aware of the challenges we face, this in a general sense. The average person cares more than ever before about animal cruelty, ethical matters in the industry, contamination, and global warming.

This inspiring trend is also influencing the way we shop and dress. We are now choosing eco-friendly materials and cruelty-free products. We are doing this even when the conscious option is more expensive than its regular counterpart.

Something as simple as choosing vegan purses for women over the traditional product may change the course of the industry and lead to big benefits for your environment. Truth be told, the problems that our planet suffer have been caused by ourselves, even unintentionally when choosing the unethical product.

In the following lines, we’ll talk about the problem and its potential solution. Next time you shop for a vegan purse, you will have the power to make a real difference.

Understanding Cruelty and the Destruction of Our Environment

Unfortunately, there are many things that most people don’t know about the fashion industry. Making a genuine leather purse doesn’t only require to slaughter helpless animals but also involves an important amount of highly toxic chemicals that ultimately end up destroying our environment. Yes, getting the leather ready for confection demands corrosive substances that heavily pollute.

In other cases, we are wearing the byproduct of inhumane abuse to animals, who greatly suffer while being shaved and skinned. There is a multi-billion worldwide industry based on unethical practices that cause pain to animals while destroying the only planet we have.

Understanding that those products involve cruelty and push forward the destruction of our environment is key to make better and smarter decisions later on.

Understanding the Alternatives

As we mentioned before, choosing vegan purses over leather products can make a huge difference. The unconscious option exists because we allow it. Indeed, we are approving the manufacture and distribution of this product by actively purchasing it. That’s why choosing something else, an eco-friendly option, will always be better.

In the case of vegan purses for women, there are many things to consider. Eco-friendly materials as special recycled paper, recycled plastic, and recycled rubber are trendy in this conscious market. However, our favourite here is cork leather, which is made of the same cork we all know from wine bottle caps and cork boards.

When properly processed, cork can be transformed into flexible and convenient sheets that can easily replace leather. Obviously, the best part is that there is no side effect in harvesting this material. The cork oak tree is the source of this material, which is harvested in a very friendly fashion, leaving the tree healthy and ready to produce more raw material after a few years.

This way, the vegan purses for women made of cork leather are even better. Also, this material is really displacing genuine leather, transforming the market in a very positive way. There is a long journey ahead but more and more people are joining us every day.

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