Cork Going Endangered? A Toxic Myth You Cannot Believe

In the last few decades, the society has become more aware of the great deal of damage that many industries have done to the environment. As a direct result of this, we now live in an unpredictable world, at least in a climate sense.

More and more people are identifying some manufactured products with the contaminations of lakes and sea, the ruthless slaughter of many species, and the destruction of entire forests. However, we cannot leave fact-less myths to affect us.

One of the most counterproductive myths in this sense is that cork is going endangered and that its production creates a highly negative impact on the environment. Let’s understand the details.

The Myth

While most industries take their tolls on the environment, destroying habitats in an irreparable fashion, there are others with the power to help our world and improve the possibilities for the days to come. Nonetheless, a simple myth can become a blockade.

Saying that cork is endangered due to the progressive collapse of forests all around the world is nonsense. All the way around, vegan cork wallets can preserve our forest, just to give an example.

Sustainable Production

Now, let’s understand the production of cork on an essential level. In order to get cork, its tree is not destroyed in the process. All the way around, it’s important to maintain the tree strong and healthy. Workers in this industry strip the cork from the tree bark in a process that makes no damage to the tree.

Afterwards, the tree needs around 9 years to be ready for harvesting once again. Even under the stress of production, the cork tree can live a healthy life for 500 years. This implies a sustainability like no other in the industry. Cork wallets can be produced for generations only by harvesting a single tree.

Using Cork Products Help the Environment

The myth in question goes in the exact opposite direction than reality. Cork oaks are sturdy trees that maintain the environment in great shape. However, the only way to save them is to use vegan wallets, shoes, wine cork stoppers, and other products made of this material, not stopping to choose them.

In fact, each time a customer chooses a vegan cork wallet, he or she is supporting this eco-friendly industry. Years ago, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) kick-started a campaign to promote cork use, implying that increasing the demand would save the tradition and, as a direct result, nature-damaging products may see their sales crippled.

The Bottom Line

Yes, choosing cork wallets over the leather models can save the environment. However, it’s important to make the myth disappear. Cork production is highly positive for the environment as it represents a sustainable process, one that reproduces forests, not the other way around.

Next time you go shopping, take into consideration the positive consequences that choosing vegan wallets or other products made of this material may have for our world. Today, we have the right facts and the power to do something good for the only planet we have.

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