Cork Belts Are Rising in the Space of Non Leather Belts

Non leather belts are trending like never before. Truth be told, this is no surprise: our society is experiencing an epic mindset shift that is leading it to be more conscious and aware, more committed to building a better world. The term “non-leather” implies an eco-friendly nature that is impossible to ignore.

For those looking for these products, the options are already abundant. The society as a whole has changed and with it, our demands as customers. We decided to consume products with a higher quality, with a more competitive price, and with a "greener" manufacture.

However, you could be thinking about the different options in the non-leather belt category. There are many of them but some are better than others. Our recommendation? Cork belts without a question, and in the following lines we’ll explain why.

The Eco-Friendly Belt is Not New

First, it’s important to state that non leather belts aren’t new; not even eco-friendly belts are a recent invention. Yes, we feel like genuine leather belts have been the unique option in the market since always but that’s not true. Eco-friendly belts that are made of all kinds of materials have been there, available to us for a while. Yet, their commercial promotion and reach were often limited.

Today and thanks to the Internet, we are seeing how eco-friendly products seem to be everywhere, including fashion belts for both men and women. The availability of these products is unavoidably placing the unconscious alternatives aside, which is something extraordinary and highly valuable in order to achieve our ecological goals.

Cork Leather as the Ideal Material

We mentioned before that cork belts are the very best option among non-leather belts. The reasons for this reside in the material’s origin and properties. Among the eco-friendly materials that we can choose from, cork is probably the one that brings the most benefits in terms of environment preservation.

The final material used in cork belts come from the cork oak tree, which gets harvested every seven or eight years without damaging the tree. After the raw material is removed, it gets treated in boiling water and cut in sheets that make handling easier.

Finally, we have a material that is durable, waterproof, antistatic, good-looking, and absolutely eco-friendly. A cork belt can last forever, just like the genuine leather option. However, other non-leather belts aren’t that practical or durable. Even when they are being produced without damaging the environment, they do produce a waste after they reach the end of their useful life, way before the cork one.

The Bottom Line

With cork belts, we are finally leaving genuine leather behind. This material is the favorite amongst vegan shoppers who are looking for non-leather belts. Conscious choices are being made for the benefit of the planet.

As a consumer, you need to know your products. This will allow you to systematically make better decisions. Something as simple as cork belts can make a drastic change, a positive wave that the environment will appreciate.

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