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Belts Are Back To Fashion

Nowadays, many people still don't see belts as a must-have for their style and looks. Truth be told, a few years ago this accessory was far more popular and note-worthy than today.

However, just like it happens with most clothing and accessory trends, it turns out that belts are back to fashion. In the last few years, we have seen how runways all around the world have used belts, even vegan belts, with the aims of establishing new fashion trends, something that most fashionistas have accepted.

What is happening to belts in these days of fashion revolution? How is a trend from the past returning now? Which is the role of the vegan belt now?

An Old Fashion Trend that Was Neglected

We don't need to dig too much into the past in order to find how popular belts were. In fact, we don't have to go too far away in time neither. In the early 2000s, belts continued to be quite popular.

There was a solid reason behind belts' popularity before and now: this accessory provided a particular optical benefit to those women who wanted a tiny waistline, to look like an hourglass, to add more pronounced curves.

With time this concept also developed into something much more interesting, much more attractive and passionate.

Coming Back in Style

So, what is happening to this accessory? The most prestigious brands in the world, as we can see in high-end catwalks, are giving belts a space to express themselves.

Just like it happens with vegan belts, this accessory can deliver a stunning message alongside the rest of the apparel. It is a strong complement that can evoke a feeling that the rest of the outfit simply can't.

In the particular case of vegan belts, we can add a conscious message along with any outfit, with any clothes selection, no matter what. A vegan belt can provide both the style and the message, something valuable in these times of minimalism.

Over the Dress

One of the best use we can give to belts in these days is using them along with dresses. Here, the thickness is important and quite defining. With the right design, a belt can do wonders for the dress, even if it's a summer light dress or an ornamented suit for the most special of the events.

For Trendy Jeans

Just like in the late 90s and early 2000s, belts go fantastic with jeans and short jeans. This is a very casual and fresh look, something that most young women would prefer. Here, a vegan belt is an even more compatible accessory, going flawlessly with the look.

If we go further in time, we will find a more free-spirited, hippie-inspired look regarding belts and jeans. Thick, ornamented belts were a constant, even if back then we could see, from time to time, hideous designs.

Nonetheless, modern brands are taking the best from those eras. This is especially true for conscious, vegan brands that want to become solid references in such competitive market.

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