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Bamboo Is Saving the Planet: Things You Must Know

Bamboo is one of the most interesting elements we can find in nature. It’s hard to tell where all the popular interest is coming from lately, because bamboo is a plant that has been always present, also being a vital raw material for many things that we have been enjoying for centuries.

However, bamboo is now experiencing a big shift in terms of uses and applications. Many industries are now considering this natural material more seriously, understanding that, for many different reasons, it can be a sustainable way to steady manufacture without sacrificing quality or practicability

Can bamboo, a plant that has been around for thousands of years, save our planet from global warming and other climate-related threats? Something like choosing bamboo fountain pens over the classic ones means something for the planet?

Where Is Bamboo Being Used?

Before even mentioning the details about why bamboo can save our planet, it’s important to know where this material is being used. A few good examples are the construction sector, clothing, accessories, paper pulp, energy generation, furniture, and home utensils.

In underdeveloped countries, bamboo plays a key role in construction, being the base material for houses, schools, hospitals, roads, and bridges. While it’s hard to see a building made of bamboo in the western world, estimates from UNESCO tell us that around one billion people are currently living in houses made of this material.

By knowing this number, we can easily understand its importance for many populations where other materials are too expensive or simply unavailable.

In other sectors like clothing and accessories, bamboo is trending. On one side, bamboo fabric delivers an outstanding experience, being highly breathable and comfortable in many senses. On the other side, trendy accessories like the bamboo fountain pens are more popular than ever before.

Bamboo as a Sustainable Resource

Now we know where bamboo is and that wooden fountain pens do exist, it’s time to understand how using this material can be sustainable for manufacturing and other applications.

Steadily producing bamboo requires no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irrigation techniques nor replanting. At the same time, choosing this plant can bring an additional set of benefits. For example, bamboo can produce up to 35 percent more oxygen than trees.

Another big benefit is that it can work as an inhibitor for soil erosion. While many types of trees take a considerable amount of time to become harvestable, bamboo can be ready to go in 3 years. With a remarkable growing pace of 3 feet each day, bamboo is breaking many records.

The Bottom Line

Choosing bamboo fountain pens over the luxurious, classical option doesn’t mean that you are cheap. This plant is giving us a golden opportunity to take proper care of nature, of our only planet, without sacrificing production in many essential sectors.

From buildings and furniture to paper and wooden fountain pens, bamboo is an alternative we should not ignore. With the right intentions and efforts, this raw material can be implemented in multiple industries, causing a positive long-lasting impact on the environment.

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