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Alternative to Leather Handbags? Faux and Cork Leather Leading the Charge

It’s time to see the market from an optimistic point of view. Countless businesses are focused on bringing eco-friendly, reliable options to the market, empowering customers who want to enjoy quality goods while making the right, conscious choice for the planet.

Every day, we can see how there are more and more options available to us. Truth be told, many of them have been present for a few decades. The difference between then and now is that people are better educated about these topics and many of these products have become dramatically cheaper, more accessible to everyone.

This is the case, for example, with genuine leather and cork handbags. Those with the financial capacity to have a quality handbag would probably choose the genuine alternative.

Genuine leather is expensive but, back then, it was the only option that granted quality and durability. This isn’t the situation no more.

Getting a quality faux leather tote these days, for example, will provide the buyer a huge satisfaction with its purchase. She will enjoy a quality, reliable product without falling for the environment-destructive option.

So, do we have a real alternative to leather handbags now? Indeed, with faux leather, we do.

Understanding Faux Leather

It's important to understand what is behind this concept. All across the Internet, the term “faux leather” is widely used to categorize different types of material. In its most basic concept, faux leather is everything that isn’t genuine leather but is physically similar. Another way to see it is that faux leather is the denomination given to different materials that are available as an alternative to genuine leather, especially in fashion and furniture.

But there is an important difference between the faux leather alternatives that are available today.

Polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC or just vinyl) are the two main types of faux leather currently available in the market. As you may guess at this point, these faux leather types are made of synthetic products that go through a highly-industrialized process. While faux leather may be less contaminating than genuine leather, its industrial nature continues to have important implications for the environment.

Cork leather may fall into the category of faux leathers. However, there should be a clearer distinction between the two.

Cork Leather as the Cleanest Choice

Cork leather manufacture is as eco-friendly as it can get. That’s it.

Here we have a product that uses a raw material that comes from Quercus suber trees, also known as cork oak. After harvesting the tree, it continues its life. In fact, the cork oak can be harvested for raw material several times during its entire life. Producers go through a delicate process to protect the ecosystem, at the same time guaranteeing healthy harvests in the future.

Today, cork handbags can perfectly match or even beat genuine leather products in quality, feel, and durability. The same goes for faux leather handbags and faux leather totes, especially when they are made of cork leather.

Buying a Faux Leather Backpack

When in doubt, get the faux leather backpack. Customers with eco-friendly preferences are now exposed to a great variety of perks when choosing genuine leather alternatives. This is an extraordinary reality, one that no one can deny.

This is true in terms of quality, durability, comfort, and convenience.

Take into consideration that genuine leather handbags aren't only significantly more expensive than cork handbags but also more difficult to maintain in good conditions. One aspect that is often overlooked when it comes to cork leather products is the maintenance factor. This material allows the user to apply water and soap to remove dirt and stains.

A faux leather backpack, no matter if it’s made of PU, PVC, or cork leather, will be fully capable of providing the customer with a highly satisfying experience. This meaning that the product will be durable, reliable, will look good, and there will be a huge satisfaction in terms of ecological consciousness.

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