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Vegan Resorts: A Real Trend that is Booming

Vegans love to travel. We want to know new places, especially when they allow us to get closer to nature. Go camping or staying at a cabin in the woods, for example, getting far away from the city can be really exciting.

However, when traveling with our partners or families, enjoying our vacations at a fancy resort sounds appealing as well.

But what about vegan resorts? Are these a valid option? The concept of the vegan resort has been growing over time, now becoming a steady trend among vegans and curious travelers who dare to try new things.

In the following lines, we’ll talk about the vegan resorts trend, the food, activities, and how this has become an option for travelers all around the world.

One Trend that Follows the Other

According to Google Trends, the search term “vegan resorts” have reached its highest back in March 2018. The trend has been on the rise since 2014, getting increasing attention from audiences all around the world.

This is just basic economics: when demand increases, offer finds its opportunity to shine. The vegan lifestyle has become more notable and attractive in the recent years, with younger generations giving it a shot and millions worldwide sticking to it for good. This allowed the vegan market to grow.

And when the opportunity arises, people will be there. That’s why there has been an explosion for vegan resorts all around the world. These locations are strictly focused on providing extra value to vegan travelers who desire an enriching experience and, so far, many of them are achieving it.

Probably one of the main reasons why vegan resorts are on the rise in this fashion is because of the fact that people who choose this lifestyle often struggle when going out. It’s easy to make a mistake when we don’t have full control over what we eat. Eating out is always tough because the options are limited. This is especially true during vacations.

The Food

Vegan HolidayYes, it may seem obvious but we need to say it: vegan resorts offer a wide array of vegetarian food options. When we browse online for vegan resorts, one thing that we’ll notice is that all the results will point us to resorts that make very clear their value proposition in terms of gastronomy.

Depending on the geographical circumstance, vegan resorts will vary in terms of food offering, making the most of the local offer. Travelers still want to try local cuisine and these resorts do what it takes to accomplish that in a vegan-friendly way.

The Activities

Resorts are all about fun and entertaining activities. On the other hand, vegan resorts invest in memorable activities for vegan travelers who want to make the most of this time. These places normally offer vegan-friendly activities that provide great value to the experience, as yoga sessions, tai chi, meditation groups, vegetarian cooking classes, spa services, scuba diving, trail hiking, biking, canoeing, and more.

If you are looking for a vegan resort, invest some time in knowing what kind of activities they do offer. Probably this will be the most defining factor during your stay.

The Environment

The place you will travel is decisive for the experience. If you are visiting a rural area, far enough from the city, the moment will be more authentic for vegans who love nature. The environment is key for vegan resorts to provide a fulfilling experience. Per se, resorts are always located away from urban areas. However, we are seeing how more and more well-known resorts are transforming into cities on their own.

Because of this, when looking for a vegan resort, tune your research in order to focus on those options located in rural areas. The coast, the mountain, the forest, and the country. Only vegan resorts found in the wild, far from cities, can provide a rich experience.

Our Picks

We cannot finish this article without giving you some recommendations about remarkably good places you should consider in your research. Here you have three options, from the cheapest to the priciest, all of them fully plant-based, all-organic experience.

  • Apoyo Lodge: Located in La Laguna, Nicaragua, this is our low-cost pick. Starting with US$30 the night, including breakfast, you will enjoy of a spectacular place that is also 20 miles from the airport. Vegan, gluten-free menu and plenty of activities to enjoy, like yoga classes, massage therapy, hiking, and swimming in the lake.
  • Haus Hubertus: Located in Bayern, Germany, this is our pick for mid-level accommodations. This community invites tourists to join their way of life and philosophy, which is truly connecting with nature through vegetarian cooking, use of conscious products only, and more. Some of the activities include hiking, winter sports, and interesting seminars about whole food. Prices start at US$60 the night.
  • Agrivilla I Pini: Located in the Tuscany, Italy, this is our high-end pick. The villa focuses on a fully-organic experience, using cruelty-free products in terms of comfort and neglecting all kinds of technology (yes, no TV nor Internet). This is the ideal place to live the most authentic experience alongside the nature. Join the clean cuisine cooking classes and visit the cellar to try some pure vegan wine. Prices start at US$200 the night.

Options for Everyone

Non-vegan people believe that going vegetarian is having two or three food choices and that’s it. The case of vegan resorts is quite similar. Even many vegans aren’t familiar with the increasing amount of choices they have during their vacations.

Well, the news are positive. Vegan resorts are on the rise, being more and more of them over time, improving due to the tough competition. These are the early days for this type of resorts. Yet, the future is highly promising for all those who love the lifestyle.

Don’t worry, just browse. There are many sites online dedicated to recommending the ideal vegan resort for your upcoming vacations. Decide the kind of experience you want to live during this time for yourself and try one. Then embrace the enriching days ahead, an experience worth sharing with both vegans and non-vegans.

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