Vegan Meals at School: Do You Count On It or Do You Stick to the Pack Lunch?

Vegan parents are more and more committed these days to providing a solid, conscious nutrition to their children. The efforts go beyond what they eat at home, trying hard to keep the experience consistent, something that includes what kids eat at the school.

Fortunately, the number of schools that are offering vegan meals to students is increasing. While these schools continue to be a minority, the alternatives are there. In the UK, students can either eat what the school’s menu offers or take something packed from home.

Having this aspect figured out is essential to parents who seek to guarantee uninterrupted vegan nutrition to their children. While it may be tough to rely entirely on third parties, like the school’s cafeteria, parents have more options today than ever before.

In the following lines, we’ll talk about the key aspects regarding vegan meals at school and what the parents should be taking into consideration.

Schools are Evolving: Modern and Conscious Environments

Vegan ChildrenAll vegan parents out there may feel happier by knowing that the educative system is considering the vegan lifestyle seriously. In the UK, the transformation is taking place. Schools are starting to offer conscious options to the students who prefer vegan meals, skipping meats and enjoy a wide variety of vegetable-based dishes.

This isn’t only the result of the parents’ pressure and demands. Instead, we can see this relevant change as a reflection of how our society is changing, evolving. With an increasing number of citizens choosing a vegan lifestyle, mainly in how they eat and dress, younger generations are also being positively influenced by the perks of eating clean.

Relying on the School’s Commitment

Now, is it safe to fully rely on what the schools are doing? Let’s suppose that your child is currently studying at a school where vegan meals are being offered. Are you confident to say that such meals are healthy enough?

It’s important to consider that “vegan” cannot be mindlessly translated into “healthy” and we are going to elaborate further on this point. The meals being prepared at a school’s cafeteria aren’t comparable to those you prepare for your children at home. This doesn’t mean that all the food offered at schools is low quality but they fall into a different category; they are being produced differently, in a buffet-like, more industrialized style.

Only the most committed schools will be able to deliver a home-like experience to vegan students. If you want your children to make the most of the vegan meals that are being prepared at the school, why not to try it yourself first? Get to know the quality of these meals and choose yourself if they are up to the challenge. If needed, call the school and try to appoint a visit to the cafeteria.

Packing the Vegan Lunch for Your Children

In the UK, students can choose to take their own food from home. This gives students full independence from what the cafeteria has to offer. If they don’t like what is being served or simply prefer the food cooked at home, there is a clear option.

In the case of vegan parents, the pack lunch may be a saviour. Just cook whatever is best for your kids, pack it, and it’s done. This way, you will be sure that what your children are eating at the school is the highest quality in fresh products, prepared in the best way possible.

However, while this may be the straightforward solution for many parents, the vast majority will find a big upside down: it can be seriously time-consuming. If you work full-time, the chances of being low on time to invest in the kitchen are high. Even experienced vegans with years already cooking for themselves will find a challenge to get everything done without investing a few hours every week at the very least.

The solution? Get organized and prepare all meals once a week. This is a fully viable solution that still requires some organization and effort. Some parents are also involving their children in this weekly task, empowering and making them more committed to the vegan lifestyle they are experiencing at such young age.

The Bottom Line: Doing What’s Best for Your Kids at School

If the school where your children go to is offering vegan meals, rejoice on this great opportunity to support their healthy preference. In case you are in doubt, make sure that the food being served is top-quality and, relevant enough, delicious.

However, even the parents with full-time jobs and demanding routines can find time to cook the vegan meals that their children love and will take to the school. If you can set a few hours apart on Sunday, this may be everything you could possibly need. Set the shopping list ready and have all the needed ingredients at hand to prepare multiple meals on a single day. Store them properly in the refrigerator, using sealed containers, and your kids will be good to go.

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