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Wool, Fur, and Cashmere: Surviving Cold Temperatures Without Non-Vegan Materials

We all vegans have experienced this sometime before: the winter comes or we are going to visit (or live in) a very cold country, so we realize that we must buy appropriate wear. What happens then? We find boots and coats made of heat-efficient materials like wool, fur, and cashmere, materials that aren’t exactly vegan, conscious, or cruelty-free. They don’t fit our beliefs. These three materials and many others involve inhumane practices to be produced. Millions of animals suffer terrible treatments and very often find the end of their lives because of the demand of these materials. Is it worth it? It isn’t, really. However, we feel like our hands are tied up when the time of getting the right...

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Super Juice Me! 2 Juices a Day for the Whole Family

Part of the basis in the vegan lifestyle is to choose a clean way of eating. Even if you are tired of reading the following sentence, we are putting it here anyway: you are what you eat. This doesn’t only apply to eat organic foods in order to have better health but also works to remind ourselves how we are poisoning our bodies with chemical-altered foods. In this matter, Super Juice Me! is an outstanding exercise. This documentary by Jason Vale gets us closer to a group of people suffering from terrible health conditions. It isn’t about the development of their illnesses, like the documentary this title mocks, but to observe how clean eating can reverse the process that’s killing...

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Vegan Pets: Are Yours Vegan? Can All Pets Be Vegan?

For most vegans out there, having a coherent lifestyle is an absolute, unbreakable priority. This, many times, means to follow the vegan principles in every single area of their lives. Of course, this approach includes pets. Pets are a big part of many people’s lives. Once we have a pet, there is no turning back: they become our family, our loved ones. We care about them to the point where we invest more time and money in them than in ourselves. It’s like having a child, indeed. Therefore, if we are having a vegan lifestyle, we want to be coherent in this aspect as well. But veganism and pets, when placed together, represent a quite unexplored topic. Not even long-time...

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The Vegan Lifestyle: Does It Really Make a Difference?

It’s a common topic for some vegans to question the impact they are causing in the world through their own personal choices. At the end of the day, we may feel small and powerless when comparing ourselves to billion-dollar marketing powerhouses that sell products like meat and leather. Some wonder if turning into veganism or choosing eco-friendly clothing and accessories from now on will really make a difference in the society they live in. It’s hard to tell: a single person will not change how the industry operates. It isn’t likely. Nonetheless, while it’s hard to see and feel the impact we make in the world through our personal beliefs, it doesn’t mean we are doing nothing valuable or useful...

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The Debate Around Honey: Is It Wrong to Eat It?

During the last few years, the debate around vegans choosing not to eat honey has been controversial. There are strong arguments on both sides but by the end of the day, it seems like the balance is on the “do not eat honey” side. People who aren’t too immersed in the world of veganism, probably beginning with a few improvements in their diet, often confuse honey with a vegan-friendly food. At first sight, it seems like honey is a quite natural thing and we aren’t “killing” an animal in order to enjoy it. However, there is a lot more to understand regarding honey. One of the things we often ignore is the methods beekeepers use to have a high yield...

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