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Super Juice Me! 2 Juices a Day for the Whole Family

Part of the basis in the vegan lifestyle is to choose a clean way of eating. Even if you are tired of reading the following sentence, we are putting it here anyway: you are what you eat. This doesn’t only apply to eat organic foods in order to have better health but also works to remind ourselves how we are poisoning our bodies with chemical-altered foods.

Vegan Juice UKIn this matter, Super Juice Me! is an outstanding exercise. This documentary by Jason Vale gets us closer to a group of people suffering from terrible health conditions. It isn’t about the development of their illnesses, like the documentary this title mocks, but to observe how clean eating can reverse the process that’s killing them. But it isn't just eating in a cleaner fashion. Instead, the documentary focuses on the power that vegetables and fruits have in our bodies.

Jason Vale is a celebrity when it comes to juices. The “juicer” community knows him well as he has worked hard to share on the Internet his remarkably good recipes and inspiring philosophies. So, what was his idea? To create a documentary where we get to watch and understand the life of 8 people with chronic diseases and how they achieve substantial improvements by switching to juice.

Since its premiere a few years ago, the documentary has cemented Vale’s reputation and has become a reference for the juicer community. This piece of art is often used to argue positively about the power of juices and how they can change the game for chronically-ill patients. But also, equally important as well, works as a powerful reminder of how our current lifestyle may be killing us slowly.

Our Relationship with Drugs

Let’s begin with the key issue: medicine in our culture. When we have a headache, we run after the analgesic pills. The same with back or knee pain. We tend to believe that the ultimate solution for discomfort is a chemically-loaded pill. We are accustomed to that. We are driven by what our parents have taught us, what our doctors have told us.

Western medicine is all about drugs. In many cases, these drugs are powerful enough to cause mayhem within our bodies, doing more harm than good. When meditated carefully, it becomes nonsense how we are systematically poisoning our bodies with chemicals we don’t need. In fact, many times these are the chemicals that create the problem in the first place.

Indeed, our current relationship with drugs and modern medicine is not that healthy. All the way around, our bodies are becoming the result of our dependence on chemical fixes, even when we are not sick at all.

Soon enough, the daily pill becomes the daily shot. We become slaves of a drug-filled suitcase we must carry around if we intend to survive. Every single drug comes with a side effect and when such effect comes up, we’ll need another drug to fix the former. It all becomes a toxic and deadly cycle we have no power to stop.

Cleansing as a Phase

Now, it’s fundamental to mention that Super Juice Me! and Jason Vale use juices as the cornerstone of a cleansing phase and not as a lifelong diet. He understands and teaches that our bodies need more than what veggie juices can offer us. Instead, he encourages people to see juicing as a temporary phase where we are cleansing the body, adjusting it before we proceed to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Yes, adjusting. Juicing is the door towards a healthier life, to short-term yet long-lasting changes in how our bodies work. After a month of healthy juicing, for example, the time of clean eating comes. The advantage is that in that moment our bodies will be operating at their best and therefore the lifestyle change will be way more positive and dramatic.

The idea of juicing, at least in the way it’s presented in Super Juice Me!, is that it can transform the lives of sick people. Even if the idea has many enemies today, the documentary states in full force that illness can be effectively reversed with the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits.

Start Now: 2 Juices a Day for the Whole Family

It’s time to begin. Remember, how it was explained in the documentary, it isn’t about traumatic diets but smart lifestyle changes that begin with daily juicing. You may be a committed vegan or a regular non-vegan person, either way, you can change your life by implementing a habit such as this one.

Super Juice Me! is a key analysis of our dieting habits and how health is constantly undermined in endless ways by our daily choices. So, what about experimenting a powerful change for yourself and your family.

Start slowly by drinking two juices a day for a period of time you set yourself. It can be a week, two weeks, or a full month. You don’t need a 500-page book on juicing; instead, get 3 vegetables and one fruit and prepare your first juice as soon as possible. Set a plan to prepare different juices during the week. This strategy will allow you to keep motivation up and try lots of things over time.

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