Countryside and Veganism: Are They Not Compatible?

UK’s countryside is too beautiful to ignore. The green and rich landscape is something most vegans cannot simply live without. At least for vacation purposes, we often think of the countryside. However, in terms of our lifestyle, the countryside sets a few considerable challenges that may make our lives more difficult. Some may say that they have had their vacations ruined in the past.

As we have mentioned many times before, vegan supermarkets and restaurants are more and more popular every day, but this is happening almost exclusively in large cities. There’s no doubt about it. Nonetheless, the situation is dramatically different when we visit the countryside. Non-urban regions lack the same grade of penetration in terms of the vegan lifestyle.

So, what could we do?

Progress Hasn’t Arrived at the Countryside Yet

Being Vegan in the countrysideWhen we say progress, we are referring to the huge progress accomplished by the vegan lifestyle. Indeed, stores dedicated to selling specialized vegan products are basically nonexistent in the countryside.

But we can’t blame them: there is not enough demand. People who live in the countryside are often more traditional, less susceptible to changes and new experiences, especially when it comes to food.

Returning to Our Roots?

Still, don’t panic. There may be a quite evident side of this story that we have been ignoring so far. The countryside often offers a wide array of fresh vegetables, the most organic food we can eat, even if we compare it with the one we can find in the city.

If we are visiting or moving to the right place, we may be gaining access to a rich source of delicious and fresh organic food, directly from the ground. In fact, we have advised before that vegans on a budget should visit farmer’s markets in order to buy cheap yet extremely fresh vegetables and fruits.

Embrace Cooking at Home

Now, forget about vegan restaurants in the countryside. There are some alternatives for us to enjoy but forget about the concept of “vegan restaurant” you have in mind. Like the ones we find in large cities, you will find none in the countryside.

However, there are two alternatives. The first one, make the most of the fresh vegetables and fruits that the countryside does offer (for less money, indeed) by cooking at home. Even if you hate the kitchen, think of the opportunity at hand. This will be the most delicious meal you will enjoy.

Then, the second alternative is to find a restaurant, call the day before, and ask if they can prepare a vegan meal for you. This may sound unrealistic or inappropriate but it isn’t. Many travellers do this and most chefs will be happy to do so. You just need to ask.

Plan Carefully Your Visits to the City

If you are not visiting but moving there, you should be very smart regarding the eventual trips to the nearest city. If this is the case, you must plan every visit in order to buy the needed vegan products.

Every single visit is a golden opportunity to buy all of those things that are impossible to get in the countryside. For example, non-dairy milk and related products should be at the top of your shopping list for every visit.

Another alternative is to find supermarkets and smaller stores that offer online shopping and shipping to the countryside. That way you can get everything you need on the Internet. The perfect idea to not using the car.

Asian Cuisine May Save Your Life

Finally, we must mention the Eastern alternative: Indian and Thai food. These types of restaurants are highly popular in the UK, including the countryside. That’s why vegan travellers in the countryside should research those restaurants nearby.

But why exactly? As every seasoned vegan knows, Indian and Thai restaurants offer an exceptional variety of plant-based dishes that will be more than enough to satisfy us. Because of the widespread popularity of these restaurants all across the country (beating vegan restaurants in the process), you will probably be able to find a few in the countryside.

The Bottom Line

UK's countryside is a gorgeous place that you should visit as soon as possible. Both vegans and non-vegans are set to experience fantastic moments in the countryside, the moments they will live the closest to nature.

Please, if you are vegan and are worried about your diet in the countryside, act on time and prepare everything. Let's remember that your visit to the countryside is about enjoying. Don't let unjustified fear to kill all the excitement. Have fun!

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